AskDonya (The struggles of being AMBITIOUS)

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Let me start off by saying that I believe everybody has ambition in them. But, it’s crazy to think that people believe being ambitious is an easy thing to do, but people really do think that way. This blog post is to express those challenges. Because I know firsthand how hard the struggle of having the desire and ambition to succeed.

Some people come out of the womb with ambition running through their blood ready to take on opportunities. Other people have to awaken the ambition inside of them, and then there’s people who learn to be ambitious from their surroundings and so on. All of these people come into their ambitiousness in different ways, but they all have one thing in common. Firstly they had to learn how to process the hurdles, struggles, let Downs and pick me back ups that come along with having the ambition to want better.

Being ambitious means that you’re not willing to give up. With that commitment comes depression, sleep deprivation, lost relationship and a lot of lost time as well. Ambitious people don’t wake up every morning with a smile on their face or the energy that they portray. Just because you’re tired doesn’t mean you’re able to show it because of course the ambitiousness in you will not let you be tired. It wants to succeed so that means you’ll put your body through a lot of harm to get to this point and life that you want to be.

When you see progress It’s because the work is being put in for that progress. Those sleepless nights and losses actually do mean something when you have the will to become! It feels good to see all your ambition start to show and it only adds fuel to the fire that burns inside of you. With ambition also comes guilt and we have to learn not to feel that way. Just because the people around you aren’t ambitious doesn’t mean you should dim your light to satisfy others.

All the work you put in deserves recognition from ONLY YOU! Its okay to help others but letting that get you off track also becomes a struggle. Learning how to support and understand needs to be taught more through out our community’s and this will help with these misconceptions. We’ll feel more comfortable letting out our emotions so that the struggle in the ambition doesn’t get confused with carelessness and cockiness. -Donnie Sharrell

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