Diamond N’ The Rough πŸ’Ž2.

Thanks for tuning in Luvz! Let’s enjoy the second installment to another one of our short stories…

The sun had rose and set a few hours back, but Diamond had already been awake long enough to of gotten all of her wifely duties done. She waits for the sound of her husband’s feet to make a thud on the pine floors in the bedroom above, before she starts the coffee pot. Breakfast was on and ready to hit his plate as soon as he set down. She knew Julies would be fully dressed when he came downstairs, her husband was all about image and she’d always hated it. Now all Diamond does is wait!

Julies walks straight past his wife and takes his seat at head of The Breakfast Table without saying a word. Like an obedient servant, Diamond serves her husband without speaking a single word before taking her place at the opposite end of the table from him. Finally Julies blesses his wife with conversation.
“We’re going to visit my sister and the kids today. Her soft ass husbands back from his tore, so we’re all doing lunch this afternoon”.

Diamond nods her head okay because she knew she had no choice but to agree anyway. For the next few hours he disappears into his home office leaving his wife to straighten up after breakfast, and put the pot roast on that they’d be eating for dinner that night. Everything was calm until the couple pull up out front of Julies’s sisters house.
“If you think you can get out of line because my sisters with all of that women empowerment shit, you’re absolutely mistaken Dimond. I’m the head of this marriage so don’t get any idea’s”.

Julies grabs his wife by the chin and makes her look him straight in the eyes. “Do you understand me,honey”? “Julies I hear you okay! Now can you please let me go you’re hurting me”? Diamond watches as rage builds up in her lovers eyes. He holds on to her face with one hand and uses the other to draw back and sock his spouse square in the mouth.
” I told you to watch your damn mouth. Now look what the fuck you made me do, dumb ass”.

Diamond holds her mouth as blood drips from her top lip. She looks at her husband why a drop dead gaze before opening the passenger door and making a run for the bathroom. Julies calls after her but Diamond needed to make it to the restroom before the blood stained her pretty blush colored dress. Once she was all cleaned up, the young battered wife found herself lost, just staring at herself in the mirror. At that moment Diamond couldn’t remember why she’d fallen in love with this manipulative, egotistic, abusive excuse for a husband in the first place.

The feeling of his first too her face was the only vivid memory she had right now, then came the knock on the bathroom door. Diamond lets her sister-in-law help her get cleaned up before they head downstairs to join their husbands for lunch. They stop halfway down the stairs,
“I’ll help you get away from him I swear I will. If you don’t leave something bad is bound da’ happen”. On the inside Diamond was crying out for help, but she couldn’t muster up the strength nor the courage to ask for or accept it.

She goes down to lunch with the fake smile painted on her face like she’d done so many times before. The ride home was silent but Diamond Knew her husband wasn’t going to let the night end easily. She spent the remainder of the evening doing odd an end things around the house like talking to Courtney, finishing up dinner, tending to her plants, and working on the book she’d secretly been writing for the past three years. Writing and daydreaming were the only ways Diamond kept sane these days. But she knew it was only a matter of time before even those coping mechanisms would wear off.

When dinner time finally came around and Julies had to take a business call, Diamond takes advantage of her tiny bit of peace. She ate dinner alone, cleaned up, shut the house down,and retires up stairs for a hot bubble bath. She must have dozed off because the next thing she remembered was her lungs feeling like they were about to burst, and her eyes popping open under the chilled water. Diamond could see her husband hovering over the top of the water,holding her down. She fights to get up but of course she was no match for Julies’s strength, and eventually losses consciousness. To be continued… – Donnie Sharrell

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