Donyaz Corner Tea Time (Heartbreak scars and wounds)

Thanks for tuning in Luvz! Let’s sit back in our corner cut and sip tea while we chat…

We all have been through a heartbreak, well most of us have at least! With that being said those heartbreaks leave scars that follow you and sometimes you don’t even know it. These scars end up being more like battle wounds, and everyone knows you get defensive when it comes to imperfections. So when your other half notices and calls out those imperfect scars we as people, man and women become naturally defensive and put our emotional block wall up.

It honestly doesn’t have to be them even noticing your scars right off the bat. When you have battle wounds from previous heartbreaks and love losses, it can be the tiniest thing that will open these wounds all over again. When these wounds are open every growth inside your relationship comes to a halt because now all the imperfection from past tense, is being pushed onto your now partner. Those of us who have emotional scars have to learn how to separate past hurts and betrayal to make room for new ones.

It may sound crazy but heartbreak and let Downs are needed to help us grow in love as people. We grow and learn how to love differently through different life stages and trials. Because most people don’t want to go through the repeated pain, when you find someone new to love you don’t want that person to go through the hurt that you’ve gone through. So you learn from those wounds and try not to bring they baggage along for the ride, TRY! No matter how hard you try not to let your other half see your wounds, eventually these wounds surface.

They surfaced in our new relationship’s because most of the us don’t let our past wounds heal fully before we jump into something new. Don’t get me wrong a new love can help you heal from a old one, and that’s a fact! But you also have to do a certain amount of healing within yourself to allow that new love to come in and you be fully invested. Heartbreak can affect you for many years but it’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to let it affect you in a negative way and stop you from loving someone new, or if you’re going to learn how you allowed scars to be embedded into you and fix it for what comes next.

So my luvz… As you search for a new love, are entering a new stage of love, or are just thinking about opening your heart to it. Remember that love wounds linger if you don’t do the work within yourself to heal them. Even when you think you’ve healed, your heart can prove you wrong and send you down an emotional spiral. With this being said be honest with your partner, talk about your past hurts an heartbreaks so that they’re aware of your scars. Your hurt and healing is validated within yourself, YOU have to learn from past experiences and choose how to move forward Wth that knowledge. -Donnie Sharrell

2 thoughts on “Donyaz Corner Tea Time (Heartbreak scars and wounds)

  1. Well said, we have to do some inner healing after heartbreak, be true to ourselves and communicate to be able to let go of the past baggage fully and create space for the new experiences. A great informative post. Thanks

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