Bella’s Naughty Quests  (Mail Runner 📧)

Thanks for tuning in Luvz! Lets follow Bella on her newest sexy adventure

As Bella set waiting on daddy to come out of his meeting she makes her rounds though the office. She knew her father only wanted to complain about the amount she’d spent on the credit card last month, and she also knew she would just talk her way out of it. The office was pretty dead today mostly due to Corona, Daddy had made most of his staff work from home. Bella makes her way to the break room to raid the vending machine’s, that’s where she spots her next challenge.

The same collage aged mail runner had worked for her father’s company for the past 5 years. Bella wasn’t sure of his ethnicity, but his skin complexion was the color of a Hawaiian Samoan, an his build was that of warrior’s. As soon as the mail boy spots Bella he puts his head down,focusing on back on his lunch. Bella had the spoiled spoonfed reputation around the office plus she was off-limits due to her being the boss’s one and only baby girl. The sexual connoisseur couldn’t help but to be entertained by the feeling of a man’s nervousness around her, it was a pure adrenaline rush.

As Bella waited on her fruit snacks she decides to pick with the handsome mail runner.
Well well well… Hey you! How come you haven’t moved on from this dead end job”?
The mail runner shrugs his shoulder’s. responding to the princess, but refusing to make eye contact.
“Its just convenient for me. Two more years and I’m finished with school, so why not just stay where I’m stable”?
The spoiled young lady couldn’t relate!

She goes over to the table and sits down in the chair closest to the mail boy. “Tell me… how’s your sex life doing up against these long school an work hours? Is there someone at home who keeps you worked out”?
The mail boy shys away from Bella’s intoxicating stare as he shakes his head no.
“How about you just watch me!”
Bella grins real wide and slowly switches over to lock the door letting him observe her frame.

She leans back on the door spreading her legs wide as she raised her floral sun dress above her waist line. The mail runner was stuck, eyes glued to her as she slides her hands down to her hot box. Bella uses the fingers on her left hand to spread her lower lips apart. Her body curves a little as she messages her pearl with the middle finger and enters the hide away with the index. The more aggressive her motions became the more Bella moved her hips in a circular motion. The mail runners man hood was fully pressed against his pants now, but he doesn’t budge.

Not even when she squats down in the frog position fully opening herself to him. Bella uses two fingers pushing them as deep as they could go inside of her. The clear stickiness starts to coast her fingers as it glistened in the LED lights. Bella leans her head back to brace herself as she moves her hips back and forth in a humping motion and cups her peach.
“Ohhh my god… Yasss”! Moans escape the young beauty’s lips as her body begins to shake, the sexual being collapsed right there on the tile floor.

The mail runner set wide eyed as the sticky wetness that had glossed her peach starts to squirt and drip down to Bella’s anal area. She sits up and looks the mail runner square in his eyes as she pulls her fingers from her treasure trove, and rubs them across her lips. He had never been so turned on and intimidated all at once in his life. Bella stands up, pulls down her dress and turns to face the mail boy before she makes her exit.
“You might needa’ get a mop for that Lil’ puddle!”

With that she leaves her defeated challenger exactly where she’d found him. Bella was far from done with the mail runner though. She had him right where she wanted him but time was writing against her today. Surely Daddy had to be out of his meeting now, she had passed at least 30 minutes of time! -Donnie Sharrell

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