Diamond N’ The Rough πŸ’Ž3.

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Lets continue with our third installment…

Wake up… Wake up… Diamond wake up.”
Julies smacks his wife with the raw steak he had been holding on her head for the past thirty minutes. The cruel act finally brings Diamond too but the young wife immediately goes into fight mode. Julies had moved her from the bathroom to the bed and dressed her in a bra and night shorts once Diamond had knocked herself out on the side of the bathtub. She lunges at him with blow after blow, but Julies over powers her with a body slam to the floor.

Diamond folds as she starts to vomit water on the plush carpet she’d begged Julies for when they moved into this house. He leans down and grips a handful of his wife’s damp hair.
“My promise to you is that tonight, all that fight you have will be gone. Clearly I haven’t been clear about what your place is my little precious”.
Julies slings Diamonds head to the floor laughing a gutted laugh as he watches his wife crawl toward their bed with a bloody nose.

Diamond uses they’re silk comforter to hold her nose. She didn’t have time to be a victim right now, she was scared as hell and she needs to think of what was next to come and how to protect herself. This wasn’t the first time Julies had busted her nose so it didn’t take long for the blood to dry up. Julies paced the bedroom for a while before he was ready to begin again. He motions for Diamond top follow him!
“Lets go we’re going downstairs to see if you still know how to make me a drink without pissing me off”.

The battered wife does as she’s told and follows her husband down to the living-room to prepare him a drink. Julies carries on behind her with his evil ass spatter!
“Maybe i should of married that nice southern chocolate girl. She came from a home where women knew their place”.
As he laughed away Diamond ignore him and prepares his drunk while slipping an ice pick inside of the lining of her shorts.

As Diamonds heads toward Julies her hand was shaking so baldly that the ice in the glass was clattering together. As they went to exchange the glass the couple make eye contact. Julies grins a grinch like grin throwing Diamond off balance and making her drop the entire glass in his lap. She’d never seen the man she loved look so evil but he wasn’t done yet. He grabs her by the back of her neck and slams her to the floor, following it with a Kick right to her rib cage.

The young women’s eyes water but not enough for her not to see the glass that had fallen off of Julies’s lap when he’d hopped up. Diamond stretches her body out to grab it and then pulls herself up in a sit up motion as Julies was coming back at her. She reaches behind her head in one motion and flings the glass at him landing one hell of a lucky shot too. The glass hits her husband right on the left eyebrow, splitting on contact and knocking him out cold. Diamond was stunned in place for a second, finally the house was quiet and she could think without any distractions.

All of a sudden Diamond wasn’t really thinking about what she was doing. It was as if she went into auto pilot! Beat up and all she goes to the garage not really knowing what you were searching for but she was searching. Coincidentally the toolbox held boat rope, duct tape, scissors, and a few other goodies that Diamond carries back inside the house with her. She struggled to drag Julius to the show living room, where she ties him to his favorite $2000 chair and duct tapes his mouth.

She paces back and forth for a few minutes before calling Courtney. All she tells her befriend is that she needed help and hangs up. She knew Courtney didn’t need her to say anything else and besides, Julies was starting to wake up. Diamond sits on the edge of the chair with her head in her hands and waits for her husband to gain all of his consciousness.
To be continued…. –Donnie Sharrell

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