Donyaz Corner Tea Time (1’st Rough Patch) #Advice #Informative conversation

Thanks for tuning in Luvz! Lets sit back in our corner cut an sip tea while we discuss the first hard spot in a new relationship

I myself can relate to this blog post which allows me to go in depth. So let me start off by saying every relationship has its rough patches, even the new ones. These rough patches happen for various reasons that mold the paths in which your union takes. Some rough patches happen to help u see how non-compatible the situation is, an some take place to bring to a head your weak spots for fixing. Its easy for the lack of interest in fighting through these rough parches to break your union apart, it all depends on how badly you want things to work out.

A lack of communication is usually key to the beginning of a rough patch. I’m big on this because sometimes I rather not communicate holding in what I feel to avoid an issue. This isn’t the correct way to go about the open discussion and solving step by step that every partnership should practice. Have an open discussion on the issue, communicate respectfully about that issue, and solve it. This practice is one of the hardest that I’ve been trying to Implement into my relationship!

When we as humans express ourselves, naturally we are opening up and letting someone behind our emotional wall. This is hard for many reasons such as rejection, misunderstanding, and of course judgement. To have the person you love so passionately or desire a future with feel any of those things about you is frightening. But when you don’t open up things build up, when they build up then comes the rough patches that can’t be over come. You have to open up and let the not so pleasant emotions in so that you and your spouse both have the ammo to fight as a team.

I’m learning to let my person love me which means I’m having to open up. Rough patches come and go but if you’re closed off then there’s no possible way to fully over come them. Be open to the disagreements but also be aware of the effort to fix and fight through to the happiness and forgiveness on both ends. Remember that the first rough patch is always the hardest because you’re usually still in the honeymoon phase and everything supposed to feel blissful.

This stomp in the road doesn’t mean the Bliss is gone at all. This becomes a misconception which allows unhappiness and unsaid disdain to seep in and ruin the relationship. Just because the smiles have disappeared for a moment that doesn’t mean they won’t return. It only means there is work to be done and both parties have to be open to discussing and coming up with a solution. Don’t give up because you’re finding out that no love is an easy love.

Fight harder and tend to these rough patches with nothing but tender love and care. Show each other that even when things get bad you won’t run, you’ll have the courage to battle through the war of love side by side. Remember loves, rough patches only last and ruin if you’re not willing to do the work! -Donnie Sharrell

One thought on “Donyaz Corner Tea Time (1’st Rough Patch) #Advice #Informative conversation

  1. I totally agree with you on that!! I believe it’s only right to go through these tough times because without them how would we know what our relationship can handle?? I think that’s the key to having a strong relationship!! Love is never easy so if you don’t plan to fight for it why even get involved??? Just a few jewels for the onlookers ❤️

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