Expressions Of The Heart❤ #poetry #heart felt poem

It was supposed to be you and me against them! The odd balls against the perfecto’s! King and Queen standing side by side up against the onlookers! My brick to build with, and my breath to breathe! But what now…?

What If what we desire to build is lost? If giving you my heart was a mistake and our heart-ties have been broken, then who am I to build with? I want to grow and be your peace, for you to nurture my heart and intertwine souls.

You are my person and I yours which means our love runs deep! But what if you’re no longer my brick to build with and my breath to breathe,what then..? Donnie Sharrell

2 thoughts on “Expressions Of The Heart❤ #poetry #heart felt poem

  1. Very true but men don’t always be the strong one .. all the time!! It will come a time when our other half have to be the rock!! Our energy and our presence!! If it wasn’t for women us men wouldn’t even be here if you think about it!! With all that said at the end of the day if you see your man trying .. even with all the distractions in his life .. don’t give up on him!! I’m a strong believer in finishing what you start!! If not .. all that time and building would be for nothing!! All those good times and the bad ones was all a waste of time!! We all know or at least be aware of who we getting involved with!! So don’t fold on us when things gets tough!! That’s when we need you the most!! Just from a man’s point of view!! Love your articles by the way❤️

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