Adored #poetry #love/expressive #poem

My heart pounds and my body jolts to the sound of your voice because I adore you

I adore you for the way you pay attention to the detail you use to love me and the effort you put forth in understand why I love you

I love you because you adore my every flaw, my darkness that no one can see but you, and with no doubt I love you flaws and all too

Only you can make my body tingle and my soul smile, only you cause my heart to pound and my palms to sweat

A pounding heart, I have because it’s you I adore

I adore you even with the wall we have between us or the miscommunication that we cannot understand

I adore you because are love is one in a million and though we can’t see it, our spirits have imprinted on the other

You are my peace and I your escape, so if they ask me why I light up and my heart pounds to the sound of your voice,

I’ll tell them it’s because I adore you, flaws and all..!-Donnie Sharrell

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