Teary Heart pt.1 #poetry #poem

Because of the darkened unspokeness between us my heart cry’s

My hearts cry’s when you push me away and do not see me the way I see you,as my light

You are the one who makes me cherish the traveling connection we share but at the same time you question it and that makes my heart cry

My heart cry’s for your affection, our soul-ties, and the fantasized love nesting

My heart cry’s because I can’t be next to you to hold you and let you know there’s nothing more for me and I’m what’s best for you

My heart cry’s when you drop your head because you think I don’t understand the damaged man in you

The real man in you is why I’m a love fan of you and my heart cry’s because at the end of the pain I know Im in love with the King the love god and the heart dryer, that’s you…-Donnie Sharrell

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