Bellas Naughty Quest (Halloween Maze 🎃) #Short-story #Erotica #saga

Thanks For tuning in Luvz! Let’s explore Bella’s LAST sexual conquest…

The month of October had brought the cold air and stiff wind as Bella made her way through the so called haunted house. Halloween was always fun for her but this year everyone had been cooped up and you could tell by how wild they were acting. The haunted house was full of tricks and scares but fright only moistened Bella’s in between. She makes her way from the house to the dark corn maze.

Getting through the maze alone was way harder then Bella expected. All the clowns, scarecrows and ghost faces seemed to be way more active. After a few lost turns, Bella plops down in an empty space pushed back inside the maze to rest and watch the other scared attendees pass by. As she set there with the chilled breeze easing past her and the moon shining down on her from the sky, she couldn’t help but slip her hands down into her loose sweats to massage herself.

The feeling of her cool hands sends a pleasurable body tensing sensation up her spine causing her to moan out. Bellas eyes roll forward and her heart jumps out of her chest as she made eye contact with the masked corn maze goblin. The two of them lock eyes for a while before Bella starts to slowly massage herself again. She uses her free hand to motion for the goblin to come her way, he doesn’t object either. “Keep the mask on” Bella orders!

As Bella gets butt naked in the field the goblin takes a while to come out of his jump suit, but he eventually accomplishes his mission. As he crawls in-between Bellas legs she observes the mask thoroughly, bringing the Hallows Eve character to life inside her head. The feeling of the goblins member matched the costume so greatly that it surprised Bella in the most exciting way possible. The small bust of pain that shot through her as his goblin seized penise fills Bella up, causes her to gasp aloud.

She puts her right ankle up behind her head and thrusts her hips back and fourth into her masked conquests pelvis. As he leans into his stroke Bella sticks her tongue out as far as it would go, and into the breathing slip of the goblin mask. She wraps her legs around his waist pulling him deeper inside. “Choke me and growl with every stroke” she orders. Her conquest doesn’t reject Bellas request, he immediately goes to howling up at the moon like some crazed wolf.

The bright light from the moon shined down on the beautiful wicked act, and Bella stared right back up at it with nothing less than lust written on her face. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes had tuned dark, almost black as she thrusts and humps her hips into the Halloween goblin. It looked as if she was having and out of body experience the way her lower half was going wild, eventually sending the masked toy into convulsions. He crashes beside Bella not knowing what to say, so he says nothing just as she had hoped. They both laid in silence breathing heavily and listening to the screams of the scared maze runners echoing through the corn maze.

Eventually Bella redresses leaving the goblin stretched out under the moon in awe. As the sexual connoisseur makes her way through the rest of the maze she felt different, cleansed. It was as if she’d looked up at the moon and confessed her full conquest with mind body and soul. It was if with that act full unclothed under the moon, she’d got the satisfaction she’d been searching for so many years. The wetness in-between her legs had cooled along the walk giving her a pleasurable sensation.

Before she takes the last step out of the maze, she reaches down and tastes the cool sweetness from her bloomed flower. It would be Bellas last taste of desired passion, as a her sexual Conquest had come to and end…!Donnie Sharrell

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