Blackout 1. #Short Story

Rissa watched as the sweat dripped from her man’s bottom lip and down onto the women he’d been creeping with for the past few months. She’d only known about the affair a few weeks now but her investigation had led her in the right direction. She’d been following him to this rooftop apartment for the past few nights watching him in the act, but never reacting. This time was no different, well not exactly. She perched up on the window seal and watched until her betrayer finished up and left, then she made her move!

The young lovers demeanor was calm, her eyes filled with nothing, and her heart full of uncertainty as she knocked on the door. It takes the late night creep a few minutes to come to the door, but when she does she answers in an all white cotton robe. Rissa couldn’t deny the other woman was not bad looking at all, hell at least her man had good taste in women, right? She smiles at Rissa as she squeezes the top of her robe closed,
May I help you?”

May I help you… May I help you..? Rissa wanted to yank ole girl by the throat, but she was most definitely not in her right mind so her thought process was a bit off.
“Yes you can actually! I’ve been seeing a guy that stays in this complex so I’ve seen you in and out a few tunes. But he’s out I’m new and I need directions to the airport.”

The other woman had no reason to doubt Rissa’s story, plus women empowerment is the mission, correct? She leaves the front door ajar and goes to rumble through her kitchen drawers. “Hold on a second I actually think I have a map in my kitchen drawer. It’s funny you asked that, my boyfriend works security there!”
Rissa felt her entire body jolt as the word boyfriend let ole girls lips,then came the rage, and then the darkness.

Baby…baby…Baby Rissa, where are your clothes…? Rissa I know you hear me talking da’ you woman“!
As Rissa slowly snaps out of the manic trance she’d fallen into, she looks directly into the eyes of the man she once trusted with not a lick of emotion on her face. She had no clue how she’d ended up back at home, or why she was sitting on the couch butt naked. But she did know it wasn’t good because she couldn’t remember, and the brain usually doesn’t block out good things.

“Everything’s good Leo I just wanted to walk around our home free, dang’ is that okay?”
Rissa makes a forced dramatic exit up to the shower, where she turns the water as hot as it would go without burning her skin off and scrubs herself for over and hour. She knew she needed to figure out what to do next. Going cold turkey on her Antipsychotic proved to be more dangerous then Rissa thought it would be. Now she had to get herself out of whatever mess she’d gotten herself into. To be continued…! Donnie Sharrell

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