Heart 2 Heart💓 #Poem #love #poetry

Heart to heart I hope you hear me💓

Feel my love and hear the echoing of my passion💓

Heart to heart you are my soulmate the one I yearn for the one I adore💓

I adore your smile, the sound of your voice, and your loyalty to me💓

My heart to heart, that you are. But not only because you hear me, but because you see me too💓

You see what I try to hide, you see my pain and my intellect, you see my strengths and weaknesses because you are my heart💓

Heart to heart, I’ll love you forever no matter the circumstances the fights or fussing, you’re mine💓

You’re my person, my strength, my lover, my bestfriend and no doubt my ace💓

Heart to heart I hope you hear me, feel me, see me and know…💓

That you’re my everything my team mate, and my heart is yours, you’re my heart-glow!💓 -Donnie Sharrell

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