Let me introduce myself! #Nodika #Short-story/Promotion #writing

Let me start off by introducing myself,
Nodika’Aliece is the name…

I met Bella a while back at a sexual empowerment seminar out in Boston. We clicked, ended up having drink’s at the bar across the street, and from there my life was altered forever. Bella introduced me into a secret world of sex that I never knew could feel so good. I will say though, Bella and I were two vary different types of connoisseurs. Lets just say my preference is a bit more kinky and hidden in the night life or behind closed doors.

Some of my content may be a bit inappropriate and risky, so viewer discretion is advised. With that being said, I look forward to bringing you along for the tale of some of my most favorite Conquests!-Donnie Sharrell

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