Teary Heart pt.2 #Poem #Poetry #love

Do you not hear it..? Or do you not care!

Teary heart teary heart please listen to the sound of despair, as my broken pieces cry out into your ear!

Just hear, just hear as my soul feeds your heart and I open up to you!

My teary heart will explain the yearning I feel being without you!

The way my soul feels just hearing about you!

Teary heart teary heart do you hear it when it calls out or do you even care..?

My heart cry’s the darkest of tears that only the inner me can see…

My teary hearts a garden of the darkest secret sea!

Teary heart teary heart it opens wide to pain, but my teary hearts my heart it’s not to be played!

So hear my heart when it sings that song of cry’s for you, because it’s full of teary hearted darkness that only you can see..!-Donnie Sharrell

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