For You #poem #love/poetry

Anything for you is what I’ll do, but only because you are you

You are he and he is my light who anything will never be too much for

I’ll let you shine into my heart and soul, even the deepest of my dark places belong to you

If its anything I can promise to give you, I promise to give you me because you are my everything, my heartbeat

When I feel I feel for us not me, we complete one another our love is like Kryptonite it’s consuming

The energy we consume, we share! But It’s only you that will understand because the comprehension of no other man’s mind can compare

Anything for you is what I’ll do, wether you’re wrong or right I’m riding, right beside or behind you

You are my other half and that’s deeper then the surface seen, we are connected and anything means everything,.

it’s established just that simply, anything is what I’ll do when it comes to you!

No need to to ask me!-Donnie Sharrell

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