Nodika’s Excursions (“Mr-Mr”) #Erotica #Short-story #saga #Writing

The half leather top was rubbing up against my oiled breasts as i strutted through the long tight hallway toward the black door infront of me. My high heels clicked on the fancy tile with every step I took, echoing from wall to wall then back through the air again. As I open the door I slide the pony from my hair letting my braids fall down onto my hips, my suitor was watching every move I made so i moved real slow. He set on the leather sofa watching me With the most beautiful piercing eyes as I drop down to my knees and start to unpack my bonus bag.

I crawl over to the coffee table infront of him and lay every tool he’d requested out in a straight line before him. Without moving a muscle my suitor inspects my work, then with one finger he motions for me to stand up, I obey.
His voice was soft but stern in a way that made you pay attention when he spoke so I respond accordingly.
“Yes Mr?”

He spreads his legs and nods his head, that meant he wanted me to walk to him. I obey!My suitor has me stand directly infront of him and just stares at me for a long while, taking me all in. “Baby…”
“Yes Mr…”
“Get the body wand and hand it to me, now please!
I do as he’d asked then go back to my position standing in-between his legs. My entire body was starting to awaken as he clicks on the vibrating tool.

“Baby, turn around and bend over touching your toes. Now please!” I obey! My suitor uses the wand at the start of my lower thighs as he stats to pull my leather bottoms to the side. “Thank you for wearing the red lipstick like I asked Baby, Mr really does appreciate it. I’d appreciate if you were standing naked in this same position in less then 3 minutes too. Can you do that for me Baby?” Now i was really on fire down below. “Yes Mr, I can do that for you!” My obedience was in full effect.

He rubs his massive hands over my exposed lower half, down my waist line, down the back of my things, and back up through my legs lightly grazing my moist lips. Then around to my ass cheeks where he spreads them with both his hands. He sucks his teeth the way i liked before sliding the wand down the trail to my warm place. “Baby does that feel good to you”? “Yes Mr It does. Thank you”! I Moan out in a barely audible tone.

My suitor Spanks my left cheek making an echo causing me to accidentally move. “Baby you moved without asking so you know what that means, right“? “Yes Mr! I’ll get the cuffs and assume the position”!
He stands to his feet and slowly undresses while he waits patiently for me to fall in line. I grab the handcuffs off the table and lay them at his feet. Then i lay face down flat on the sofa with my hands placed behind my back. “I’m ready for you Mr!”

I get no response, but I didn’t need one. He cuffs me one hand at a time then uses his neck tie around my waist like a harness as he Neal’s down beside me. His bare chest was warm as he brushes up against my ear with his wet tongue. “I’m gonna taste you Nodika, I’ve been waiting to taste you all day. Is it okay if I see what you taste like?” That deep seductive voice made me weak every time the man spoke.

“Please Mr, will you taste me..?” Submission was the key to what we shared, he let me submit and I let him be king and ruler over our passion. My suitor pushes me upon my knees and turns his upper body sideways so his face is the only thing directly behind me when he spreads my legs apart. As soon as he eased his warm tongue in-between my pretty lips I let out a squeal. Mr grabs me by the neck tie pulling me back onto his face. “Baby, Move your hips the way you do when I’m inside you, now please!” Of course I obey him!

He uses one hand to massage my pearl from the front and his other hand to open me up. The feeling of His manly hands forcing me apart makes my entire body Trimble, it felt so good. Mr uses the cuffs to maneuver my body to his liking. Once he feels my body start to tighten he uses the neck tie again, to pull me up onto my knees and points to the back of the sofa. Like a good girl, I toot it up bending the upper half of my body half way over the back of the sofa so he could easily slide inside of me.

My suitor leans back to grab a few different tools. The feeling of the wooden paddle strikes hard and fast giving me goosebumps. He rubs the spot on my ass cheek that was now a faded red as he gives my insides long thrusting strokes. I lean my head up toward the ceiling, eyes closed tightly as I softly throw it back at him. He tags the other cheek, this time harder making me wince a little, but pleasurably!

“Baby, look back into my eyes!” I obey him biting my lip at the same time as he gazes back into my eyes, full of lust. Mr tags me once more with the paddle this time my downstairs starts to drizzle. “Oh my goodness Mr, you feel so good inside of me, please don’t stop“. He stops no sooner then the plea crept off of my lips. Mr pulls his now glistering member fron inside of me and turns me around instantly shoving it into the back of my throat.

I look up at him studying his sex faces as I try my hardest to swallow him whole. The way he rubs his hands down my spine then pops his middle finger into my ass-hole, makes my eyes roll in the back of my head. He reaches down with his other hand and grips my chin to force my head back while he quick strokes my tonsils. I could feel the build up coming, so I let my mouth fill up with saliva and start to suck on his muscular member with my throat muscles. Saliva drips onto his swelling nutsack and then it starts..! That grunt, the deep sexy one he did as he starts to feel himself explode as he watches me drink all of him!

My suitor collapses onto the leather sofa beside me with a thud. I turn toward him catching immediate eye contact, causing chills to run down to my damp place and turn to clenches. Mr bites his bottom lip making my heart pound. This man was full of damn near as much sex appeal as me which drove me nuts. He pulls me on top of his lap and cuffs my pretty breasts the way I liked, thumb caressing the nipples. We lock eyes once again ae he sticks his tongue out as far as it would go before using it to lick from each nipple then around my entire breasts.

“Baby,I want more of you, is that okay”?
My suitor knew looking me in my eyes made me weak, hell this man was everything, I couldn’t help but to submit to him. My voice was soft but it echoed through out the living room.
“Yes Mr that’s okay, I want you..!”
Mr grins up at me,
“Grab the electrifying rod. Im boudda’ make you cream and scream Just the way you like it luv. My treat for being such a good girl.
We both kind of laugh aloud as he squeezed my nipples in-between his middle and ring fingers, and of course, I obey!-Donnie Sharrell

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