Blackout 2. #writing #Short-story #awareness #

Rissa worked from home in the human resources field. Since Leo had gotten them into some debt a few years back, he had to work a day job and a night job just to make sure they were living as Comfortably as possible. Like normal Rissa waits on the living room sofa for her husband to leave for the airport. Leo leans down to kiss her on the top of her forehead just as he did every night before he went out the door, along with a reminder.
“Don’t forget to take your medicine Rissa. You’ve been a little out of it lately and you know how you get.”

Leo may have been right because she hadn’t heard a word he’d said to her. Rissa had been sitting there while the vision of her husband’s infidelity replayed in her mind. It was as if she’d become obsessed with the Betrayal. Out of nowhere at rabbit speed, Rissa hops from the sofa runs up to her bedroom where she quickly throws on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She grabs the car keys, forgetting to lock the front door behind her. She was letting her hurt lead the way, It was as if she wasn’t in her body anymore, she was emotionless.

Rissa makes her way toward the other woman’s loft, and Just as she’d suspected Leo’s car was parked out front. The hazed wife climbs up onto the window the way she’d done so many nights before, watching the unknowing. She watched as Leo paced the mess of an apartment in disarray as if he was looking for clues. A woman who resemble The Other Woman comes from the back to engage in a conversion with Leo that Rissa couldn’t make out from outside the window. They both seemed frustrated, and as soon as this woman leans in to hug Leo, she became the target of an unknown mission.

Rissa doesn’t follow Leo once he leaves the apartment, she stays behind to trail the other guest. The other woman’s look alike drives to a not so fancy neighborhood where she runs into a duplex for a few moments. She comes back out totally redressed, and Rissa follows her to a bar downtown. The fight inside of her was visible on what to do next as she bangs her head on the steering wheel. Rissa had no clue what she was doing, but she also knew she had already done something and she couldn’t think straight.

The bar wasn’t heavily crowded so it was easy for Rissa to keep an eye on her target. Against better judgment she sits back on scope mode and orders a drink. The frowned up look on the females face made it evidently clear that something was on her mind, and once a male companion joins her at her table, she was able to vent the way Rissa had been hoping she’d do. Rissa sits a few feet away from their table at the bar. “The cops have deemed her a missing person Turner. But just like i thought, Leo was the last person to see Sammi that night”!

The peeping wife’s stomach starts to turn. The male companion looked upset, he rubs the stubble on his chin. “Look Zoe, your sister and I hooked up again a few weeks back, but then she told me we couldn’t see eachother anymore because her and dude we’re going heavy lately.” Rissa sucks her teeth wih a grin, Mrs perfect wasn’t so perfect after all! This little steak out had turned out great though, hell now she had names and tea. “Investigators are bringing Leo in tomorrow morning though. I hope he’s telling the truth, hell he cried” Zoe adds.

Rissa was upset that Leo hadn’t mentioned anything about any investigators to her, hell he was just a ball of secret lies if you ask her. She was able to exit the bar without being spotted by Zoe but she’d be doing alot more avoiding tonight! When gets back home, Leo was standing behind the door, one arm folded across his chest and a pill bottle in his other hand. “Why do you keep lien and doing this Rissa? You need these fucking meds.” Leo throws the empty pill bottle at his wife’s feet.

Suddenly Rissa’s entire expression changes and her eyes go real dark. “You’re telling me I need them so you can be out here doing whatever while I’m doped the hell up, hu? What you think this marriage is a game Leo”? Her husband was caught off guard, he wasn’t expecting to be on trial tonight. “Whatever the hell has gotten into you Rissa, you need to fix it and quickly because I’m getting sick of this damn refusing to take your medication cycle.”

She laughs aloud in his face and tries to push past him, but Leo grabs his wife by the elbow and yanks her back in place. He studies her eyes for a while! “Tell me where you were! The neighbor called about the fron door being left open so where’d you go?” Rissa lets out a huge avoidance sigh, “Needed air that’s all. I thought I shut it but i guess not.” Rissa could tell by the look on Leo’s face that he didn’t believe her one bit so she had to think fast on her feet.

“Now are you gonna tell me why investigators called our home wanting to speak with you”? Absolutely caught off guard, Leo loosens his grip on his wife’s elbow. “It’s nothing okay? I’ll get it sorted out they just wanna’ ask me a few questions, that’s all don’t worry”! Rissa wanted so badly to call Leo out, but then she’d be caught too. Instead she nods her head and makes her way up to her office where she starts her Zoe investigation process. She couldn’t let this sister get too noisy! -Donnie Sharrell

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