Donyaz Corner Tea Time (Partner Studying)

Thanks for tuning in Luvz! Lets sit back in our corner cut and sip tea while we discuss the ins and outs of partner studying..!

Now when it comes to studying our partner in love, this is something that we can’t help but do, it’s programed into us. This is because the brain learns patterns, and every person has them. Wether it be the times we sleep, how many times a day we shower, the way we lay on our pillows, the food we eat or the times of day we get horny. Because of this it isn’t hard to study your partners patterns and become accustom to the way they are. This is useful but of course too much of something isn’t good.

When we spend time studying our spouse we lose sight of the spark and possibilities that could be. Studying is good when the agenda is to make things better in the union, and when you keep sight of what both parties are trying to reflect in love. But this can also be shaky because when you’re listening to your studies, you’re ignoring what the person infront of you is trying to teach you, which is how to love them. Don’t study books on their sign or personality, study their spirit and the way they love. How they respond to certain things they say, how they react to your touch and the sound of your voice, or how their mood changes at certain times.

Partner studying isn’t a bad thing, but again the way you use it is what matters the most. Using this against your partner can become easy, only because you’ll think it’s helping you to navigate peace between the two of you. Peace only starts when both parties are being heard, making a sacrificial change, and it’s willing to let go of built up hurt. It’s also easy to get use to thinking about the bad or missteps that will come because that’s what you got use too. This is where the partner studying does indeed come in handy.

You need to study your lover without a book, or a astrology column. Do it by taking the time out to think before you speak, by feeling what you partner feels. Hear them, force a better change on them by first making a change in how you deal with your emotions and responses to them. By doing this you’ll unlock secret doors of the heart and get better results in love dealings. Connect by setting boundaries in the way you communicate, study how to communicate using your spouses love language and most of all, be compassionate.

The study doesn’t have to be through text books because you study in love evey time the two of you deal with each other. When you’re laughing, when you’re being intimate, how you gaze into each others eyes and learn their likes wants and musts, is a part of the study. Be patient and set your eyes on one mission at a time. Wether that mission be communication, intimacy, passion, listening, having fun and enjoying each other’s, or even getting more of each other’s time. focus! Focus more on learning from your spouse and less on studying how to deal with them. When you listen and pay attention you learn, correct? It’s the same when it comes to your relationship!

Nobody wants to feel like they’re going unheard. You need to let your spouse know you’re listening and understating that was another barrier isn’t built between the two of you. I want you to realize that partner studying isn’t bad, it’s the way you use it that’s matters. Remember that correction and connection as the mission is the key. Also remember to have compassion and study by using the connection the two of you share! -Donnie Sharrell

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