My Yearning! #poetry #poem #love

The sense of love and stability that we do not share, is what I yearn for..

Yearning for you to understand because it’s something you’ll only share with me

The time we share, the bliss we provide, the connection we give, is what I yearn for

From you I yearn for affection, confession, commitment and pure love that you’re all in with

The space in-between hurt and passion, the safe place that only belongs to you and I is all I’m asking

Yearning for what’s best because you are mine and I yours as long as you don’t go, my love for you will be everlasting

It’s only you that I yearn for, inside and out I’ll love even your ugliest parts even when in doubt

Sense and sensibility with and from you is the only thing I yearn for! -Donnie Sharrell

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