Our Disconnect πŸ’”

I’m crying inside as I feel the disconnect slowly slipping between us

A disconnect that we both vowed to never let take hold of our union

My cry’s are seeping out but that you Cannot hear, the pain you cannot see and with everything in me, I wish you could feel what i feel inside of me

The fight for A driving force that we share is supposed to protect what we have and keep us binded for life

We’re supposed to let love lead but we’re losing and I know you can feel it when you look at me

When you look at me my heart jumps and my soul cry’s as I see the image of disconnect in your eyes

The eyes that I love and find peace in, the eyes that heat my soul and give harmony to me

I feel the disconnect and I know you do too, but please baby hold on because I know through disconnect I don’t want to lose you!-Donnie Sharrell

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