Nodika’s Sexual Excursions #2 “Me, Mr, and Mexico” #Erotica #writing #story-erotica

The sand was sticking to the bottoms of my feet as I made my way across the beach toward the beach house. Mr had surprised me with a trip to Mexico for the weekend and today was our last day. As I made my way up the path to the door I could see his silhouette just standing on the other side. Just the shape of his toned body made my entire body start to stream. The man was beautifully made, he fit perfectly on me and inside of me.

“Baby, you left while I was asleep and had me missing you.”
Mr was dressed in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, his bulge set out, it was calling for me to engage.
“I apologize Mr, how can I make it up to you?”
He licks his full lips and points to the bedroom. I make my way back to the room and stand in front of the bed, my hands placed at my sides.

I feel Mr walk up behind me, he press his front up against the back of me, causing me to breathe in real deep. “Baby, walk over to the window and put your hands on the glass, after you strip yourself bare.”
Of course I do as I’m told, I had to obey. I turn around to look Mr in his eyes as I undress! I loved the way he bit his bottom lip and squinted his eyes as he watched me undress, item by item until they all were laying at my feet.

Our view was overlooking a path of beautiful trees that led onto the beach. As I focus in on a crashing wave Mr’s hands cuff my breasts from behind. This time he presses up against me without the towel letting me fill his mini man jump a few times. Mr runs his massive hands down my stomach and slowly slides his hands in-between my things as he drops down on his knees. He closes my legs so that my knees are touching and my gap is visible, then uses his palms to spread my cheeks apart before stuffing his entire face in my dripping beauty.

Mr pushes my upper body into the glass so that my breast are plastered across the window as well, making me arch my back. His tongue was so strong that i could feel every lick, he reaches up and spanks me across the left cheek. “Never leave out of a door without me knowing, do you understand Baby“? His voice was stern as he starts to suckle my swelling pearl. Now my juices were starting to run down my legs onto his lips and into his beard.

“Yes. Mr I understand. Îm sorry for being a naughty girl.”
He had gotten me to submit to him once again! The sounds of him trying to suck me dry makes my eyes roll in the back of my head as I thrust my cheeks into his face. Mr stops abruptly and stands to his feet, he pushes me over until my head was at my knees. The feeling of his warm saliva running down my crack makes my middle start to drip. Then comes the bust of surprisingly passionate pain as he slips his throbbing manhood into my back side.

“Tell daddy you like how that shit feels inside that ass Baby.”
I place my hands on the sliding glass doors and throw my head back as I look at him dead in the eyes.
“I love how you feel inside my ass daddy, thank you!”
Mr grips my left cheek and spreads it apart with one hand, he uses his other to grip me by the throat and pull me into a deep tongue kiss as he quickens his pace inside of me.

He reaches down in-between my thighs and starts to rub my sweetness with his massive manly hands. I lean into him and grind my hips in a circular motion, his grunts were becoming intense now. “Hell yeah that’s my baby, let Mr please you in every way” he growls. Now he had two fingers dipped inside my pool of wetness fucking me with them. Mr had filled me up two ways making it hard for me to control myself as he pushes me down where my hands were placed on the floor in-between my legs, and my cheeks was tooted in the air.

The sound of our bodies intertwining echoes throughout the bedroom along with my moans and squeals. Mr spanks me then grips me by the hips real tight.
“You better take this dick and fuck me back..! This yours Imma give you all of it, so I’m getting all of you too” he growls. Sweat was dripping from his chest and chin, down into the nap of my bare back, then I felt it, the orgasm.

All of a sudden my entire body starts to shake, starting with my legs then working it’s way up to my arms. “That’s what Mr wants right there, give that mufucka’ to me baby.”
Tears had began to wale up in my eyes and my pretty kitty was starting to pulsate. Then without warning Mr pulls out, uses his manly brute force to flip me onto my back putting us in the 69 position. I wrap my legs around his neck locking him in position as he starts to slurp the Mess he’d made. Mr starts to caress his veined manhood over my face letting me watch my favorite show.

The way this man was giving me a tongue lashing was causing my body to rise up off of the floor and hunch his face.
“Oh my goodness Mr right there… Im Cumming baby yassss’… Don’t stop please yes I promise I’ll be a good girl. I swear I will..!”
Mr sucks my entire in-between into his mouth damn near making my heart stop. My mouth immediately fly’s open and Mr’s body stiffens up as he lets out a powerful groan that sends ecstasy through my stomach and down below.
“Ahh shit…”

Right then Mr deposits his warm cum all over my face. It shot out like out had been built up inside of him for years. Just like a submissive connoisseur I start to sound off too. I grip him by the back of his head as I spill out into his mouth, Mr gobbles every ounce of me. A few moments later we lay on the floor next to each other grazing out onto the beach. We hadn’t noticed any of the guests passing by, but hey whoever was watching got one hell of a show! – Donnie Sharrell

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