Asking You! #Poetry #poem

If I asked you to stop would you?

If I asked you to shut the hell up and hear me, no feelings, could you do that too?

Would you listen if I didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear ? Attitude on my face chest poked out and acting weird…

No smiles, ignored calls and fights where neither one of us can barely hear

If I told you I hated you and couldn’t do this anymore would you care?

If I was telling you theirs no me and you so it can’t be an us, would you fire off on me or give up with no fuss?

Asking you to be my everything and then some, was that a little too much?

Im Just asking because you really been acting up, so I just want to know if I told you to hush, and listen to save us, would you shut the fuck up? -Donnie Sharrell

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