Nodika’s Excursions #3 -Under the red light #Short-story #Erotica #writing

I could see the red light glowing as I made my way down the hallway toward that black door again. This time my hips swayed freely in a silk robe and the pink lace teddy I had climbed into. My bare feet slapped on the marble floors, my bonus bag in hand and my submission mode in full affect. The bright red light casted a blind spot over Mr’s face as I enter our pleasure dome. I could tell he was seated on the sofa, one hand rubbing his beard and the other resting on his temple. He was watching me!

I set the bonus bag down on the coffee table infront of him and open it before I step back and turn away from him. I slowly open my robe letting it fall off of my sounders first, then slowly draping down past my breasts and hips until it flurries to the floor, where it rests at my French manicured feet. I could hear Mr shift on the sofa, then comes his deep voice that fills the room and shoots through my entire body starting in my legs first.
“Now pick it up and come set it down beside me”
he demands. I do as I’m told placing one leg infront of the other letting my body move in a slow wine under the red light.

We lock eyes as I set the robe down then stand infront of him, hands at my side. Mr’s nose flares and he bites his bottom lip the way that makes my walls tighten. He starts to fondle me, pulling at the strings on my teddy with one hand while his other slid up my thigh toward my moistened butterfly. I don’t know why but being around this man made me sexually nervous and seemingly aroused all at the same time. Mr, can I put you in my mouth,now”? My voice was quaint and lusty just the way he liked it.

“Yes baby, how do you want me”? Watching him unbutton his shirt revealing his tattoo covered body made my mouth water, we had turned each other the hell out something serious. I climb onto the sofa, then I lay on my back upside down, slightly letting my head hang off the edge. I use one hand to caress my hardening nipples through the lace, and the other to play in my wetness as I watch Mr drop his bottoms exposing his aiming missile to me. He wraps his massive hands around my tiny throat and looks me square in the eyes as I open wide, mouth watering.

I had to stretch my jaws to fit him all the way in my warm mouth, this only turned me on even more. I go from one finger to two, dipping them in and out of me in a quickened pace. Mr was hitting my tonsils with gritted teeth and the flexed body muscles popping. I loved that shit! Mr reaches down and pulls the fingers I was freaking myself with from inside me, he shoved them into his mouth sucking both at the same time.

The way his chunky lips wrapped around my glistening fingers damn near makes me cream all over the sofa. “Shit baby there it goes, eat this dick” Mr orders as he reaches down and slips his middle finger straight into my bloomed lotus. He holds me behind the head dipping inside my mouth at the same pace as he did with his finger. I guide him into his nut with the muscles of my throat, and help him guide mine with my hand over his. As soon as I feel Mr start to lock up, and the warm substance start to seep from the tip of his rock hard penis into my mouth, my walls immediately start to contract.

Mr looks me in my eyes with the sexist lusting eyes I’d ever seen. I knew he could feel my kegels going to work so I keep sucking, getting part of his soul as we cum together. Once the forces had blown, he lets his throbbing member sit in my mouth as he cups my dripper in his palm. I caress his fit body trying to get my emotions in check but of course he doesn’t let me get myself fully together, he wasn’t done with me yet. He grabs me by the arms and In one swift swoop, Mr flips me upright and drops down to his knees so that we’re at matching eye level.

I rest my hands in my lap as he reaches into the bonus bag and pulls out the cock ring, rope and the butt plug. “You’re going to lean back on the edge of the sofa and let me have my way wit’ cha’, do you hear me? You better not put up a fight either”
Mr demands. I climb up on the arm of the sofa and lay there while Mr ties my hands behind my head. He uses his fingers to spread my lower lips apart inspecting his property with bulging eyes, as he users the vibration of the cock-ring to massage my clitoral area.

I reach around to grip his member in my hand, I loved feeling it throb in my palm. Next thing I know Mr was face deep in my water tongue fucking me so good that my eyes start to roll in the back of my head. Then comes the pained sensation of the spinning top shaped butt plug that he ease’s into my backside opening me up in every way. I hang my arms above my head and hunch his face as pleasure shoots through My entire body and out through my vocal cords.
“Ewww… Baby don’t stop oh my god, you boudda’ make me cum again”
I squeal as I pump my hips back and forth.

Unuhh.. Not yet I wanna’ fill you up” Mr groans as he hops to his feet towering over me. He slides the cock-ring onto his penis then slides his penis into me breaking through every wall barrier as he went. He looks at me with my mouth wide open and shoved his pussy drenched tongue into my mouth as he grabs ahold of the cuffs. He pushes my arms back as he pushes himself deeper inside of me causing the plug to do the same thing.
“You want me da’ slow it down or speed it up”?

Him asking made me start to drip down his balls and onto the sofa. I pull him down into my breasts cuffing his head in my arms as I fuck him back.
“Faster and deeper Mr! Please fuck me like it’s yours”
I beg. He does just that causing the sound of us to echo throughout the room along with the sound of the muffled vibrations coming from the ring. He turns me on my side, lifts one leg up, grips me by a handful of hair and goes to work on my orgasm.

Every part of my body was steaming as he crawls deeper and deeper inside of me. The faster his pace got and the harder his body pounded against mine, made the cuffs cut into my wrists, but I don’t dare tell him to stop. Why would I? I was enjoying every thick juicy inch of him and he could tell. His body moved so seductively under the red light, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him! As I move my hips round in circles Mr flips me on my stomach so that I’m hanging front ways off of the sofa arm. He then pins me down, arms pushed behind my head so that I’m at his mercy as his firm body hoover’s over me.

Soft gasps escape both of our lips as Mr digs around inside of me. He was clearly trying to learn every inch of me, and I had submitted for him to do so. “Fuck me back..!”
He demands, his lips pressed against my right ear. I do as I’m told, throwing my round plumpness back into his every thrust as he presses me down into my arch.

I could feel another orgasm building up in my ovaries, it was so strong it brought tears to my eyes, but I don’t give in, not just yet. I fight to turn over and after a little power struggle Mr lets me up. I stand to me feet and turn around leaning down infront of the table I touch my toes letting the cuffs clink on the oak floors. The sound of Mr’s deep grunt as he pushes up behind me makes me want it all the more. I wiggle my hips a bit and he returns the favor with a smack to my left butt cheek.

“Baby nobody told you to move, did they”?
Mr rubs my stinging cheek with care as he waits for me to respond.
“No Mr I apologize! I just want you to give it to me like this for a little bit, please..”
He reaches around and spreads me apart with his middle and ring finger as he nibbles on the back of my neck sending chills down my spine.

“You didn’t listen though Baby. You were supposed to ask me… Now I gotta’ punish you so you’ll know better next time. Do you consent to this punishment Baby?”
I take a deep breathe in real deep
“Yes Mr! I give my consent for you to have full control and punish me..!”
Of course I submit..! -Donnie Sharrell

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