Monster in a shell!🐚

Upon the life-shore sets a mirrored image of a monster in a shell. Not a monster because it had done horrid things, or because It had been ugly inside and out. No, the type of monster that was born from and in pain. A monster that was raised and treated as a misunderstood problem child. A monster that lives in pain, yearns for unconditional bonds, gives until there is no more self to give!

This is how a monster is birthed! Through fear of what will not be, through guessing ones place in every life that you enter, through blurred intentions and physical/mental harm. When creating a monster there’s only a few tools you need! Physical Abuse of course, mental manipulation, isolation and fear. Once you’ve instilled all of these things into a young mind, this mind is already being molded in the image of pain, and pain births monsters.

Not necessarily a monster that preys on others, but a monster that preys on thyself. One that preys on succeeding, love,strength, strength in love, self image, most of all the mind. On this soggy shore sets an inquisitive mind, restless soul, a being that’s filled with endless yearning. As the dim light flickers off of life’s shore, it births a monster. A monster that’s alone, a monster that’s fighting to see past the waves that set before it’s feet.

But not a monster that had done horrid things. No! A monster that was born in pain, the type that is a mirrored image of the nurturing that cannot be seen. Not all monsters can be seen or heard, and not all monsters are made to hurt! Some monsters are here to heal, to love and be loved, to give, to find the beauty in the ugliest of things. Some monsters are meant to sit on life’s shore just watching… Waiting for what birthed them to fix what cannot be seen.

As the mirrored image of a monster in a shell sits on life’s shore, one things for sure. No matter how strong the waves of triumphant pain can be, the love of a monster in a shell is a love that can’t be beat. You only need a few things to birth a monster as the waves of life set at its feet..! –Donnie Sharrell

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