Love day!❤ #poetry #poem #love

When you is all I need and needing me is all you care for, this I know is love

A love that I care for, a love that I want to show you through not one day but all days,

Not on a day that’s celebrated by many who don’t know the dark history of multiple st. Valentine’s beheadings.

Not only on a day where chocolate an teddy bears are sold at such a mass production, that sweat shop workers die by the hour

When you are the only thing that makes my heart flutter, 24 hours isn’t long enough for me to cater to you, to show you my love for you is inevitable

When I’m who you seek in the soul plane and who you shower with affection, this I know is love

Not love to be exploited, a love that should be honored, drug out and cherished 365 nights and days

A love that over flows with the desire in light that laminates love Day! -Donnie Sharrell

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