BlackOut 4. #writing #Short-story saga

As Leo watched his wife’s silhouette leading the way, he couldn’t help but enjoy how peppy she’d been tonight. The dinner reservations Leo had made were miraculously canceled, so Rissa chose a pace for them. Leo was all in until he looks up and noticed where they’d just walked into, and immediately he starts to sweat bullets. “Rissa what are we doing here”?
Both his wife and the hostess give Leo an odd questioning look about his outburst.

“Leo we’re here to eat that’s what… Come on silly there’s a table open” Rissa laughs. She set across from her man with the most vibrant narcissistic energy surrounding her.
This place is really nice babe… The people seem familiar with you, have you been here before?”
He plays right into her wicked game. “Yeah I’ve been here a few times, after work I think!”

Just as the waiter leaves with the couples order, Rissa watches as Leo’s face goes icy. He lowers his head and tries avoiding the left side of the room but his wife was the only one not in the blind this go around. Rissa giggled inside, seeing Leo sweet was gratifying. “I’m gonna’ go to the restroom honey, I’ll be right back”.
She had to be sure her plan played out step by planned step.

Once inside the bathroom stall, Rissa takes her phone out and calls the front desk. She tells them that she’s calling for Zoe a regular at the restaurant, and that it was vary important that she speaks with her. As soon as they put Rissa on hold, she hangs up and rushes back out to the table, making it right on time. Rissa watches as Zoe rounds the bar and fuses back and forth with the host over the dropped call. As soon as she heads back their way, Rissa stares her husband in the eyes as she gets ready to knock the bread sticks off the table into Zoes path.

It was as if everything played out in slow motion! From the bread sticks hitting the floor, to Zoe bending down to help pick them up, to her lifting up and making eye contact with Leo. “Wow! I didn’t expect to see you here Leo, how are you”?
Zoe had a shaky voice and her eyes had cut as she stared her missing sister’s lover dead in the eyes. Leo had the dumbest look on his face as he looked from his wife then back up to Zoe, trying to find the words.

Zoe laughs aloud she looked as if she was about to explode from the inside. “Well I see why this is awkward for you Leo. Does she know”?
Rissa lets a confused expression cloud her face as she studies both of them. Then asks…
“Excuse me, but who are you”?
Zoe sucks her teeth as it becomes more clear that Leo was starting to panic.

“Your fucking husband was having an affair with my sister and he was the last person to see her,WHERE IS SHE LEO”?
The sound of her screaming drew attention from the entire restaurant and Rissa was loving every bit of it. But as Leo stands and tries to talk his mistress’s sister down, something started to happen with his wife. It was as if she was having flashbacks but Rissa felt she had never seen the dark pantry she was seeing. Then she seen it, for the first time since that night she could sees Sammie’s face vividly as ever in her mind.

Rissa hops up from the table and grabs her husband by the arm.
Zoe locks eyes with Rissa on a questioning manor as the young wife storms off, Leo follows. Zoe follows behind them with tears in her eyes now.
“Im gonna find out what happened to my sister Leo! YOU TWO KNOW MORE THAN YOU’RE SAYING..!”

The young couple ride home in complete silence. Leo was trying yo figure out how to explain himself to his wife, and she was flipping out inside. Rissa now had self confirmation that she had done something, but for the life of her she couldn’t remember. By the look of the images in her head, she knew she didn’t have much time to find Sammie and now Rissa was worried. She had a plan and going to prison wasn’t one of them! -Donnie Sharrell

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