Through the looking glass

Through the Looking-Glass I see a love light, a light that couldn’t possibly be shining for me

For me.. The loveless burden who was prayed for but never really meant to be

Could it be that the light I see shining is shining from the heart of a love who will decide to never leave

Through the Looking-Glass this I cannot see.. for there is no vision of a love light for a burdened breath that was never meant to be given to me

Love loss and lights shine but how could it be? For the way I see love the light dims even when it feels like it’s meant to be it surely cannot be..

For me my lover must stand strong without fear of defeat because for me he must carry the burden of loves light as my knight, as my king

I see what I know is not for me but of course I want what they say I do not need and because that light that shines through the looking glass is calling for me

I can’t just believe that the light that I see coming from you it’s not for me! –Donnie Sharrell

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