Donya Corner Tea Time ( Relationship breath)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Lets sit back in our corner cut and sip tea while we chat about relationship’s again…

When I say relationship breath Im referring to that reset button. That moment where you’ve taken a step back to analyze where you are in the relationship. When you’ve noticed a shift and you’ve noticed how thick the air has become in your once open, breezy, loving union. This is where you know that’s it’s time to take that breath and loosen things up with your partner. It’s time to learn each other over again while you’re also teaching ones self to let go and let new emotions in.

Every relationship that has the potential to last will run into a few kinks here and there, some more than others. When these kinky kinks start to affect the way you love one another this is when there’s a red flag and the relationship breath is past due. There will be one partner who dwells on the pain/kinks more than he or she actually realizes. Yes we’re supposed to identify the issue and fix it that is correct. But in the midst of fixing one issue it isn’t healthy to dwell on all the others as well. This only causes a cycle of repeat trauma and recurring cycles of the same unhappy feeling.

It may sound crazy but all it takes is a true breath to stop this viscous cycle. Talk but not about the negative, tell each other Something you love about the other daily which creates a new atmosphere. Joking around and have good sex is also a plus because it’s thoughtless when doing so with the one you’re in love with. A relationship breath is thoughtless so it’s automatically less stressful. You have to learn to appreciate your partner in this breath by hearing and seeing past the trials. If you can’t see past the trials then what do you see?

Not knowing how to take the breath is not an issue because there’s steps to everything in love. For starters you need to force yourself into an optimistic loving mood when you’re engaging with your partner. You don’t think before you speak because you wouldn’t have too If you were breathing and letting go of ill-will. He/she is supposed to be your safe space so let them be that! Be winey, be clingy, compliment and come onto your spouse triggering the affect of the bond your love is founded on. This creates the pattern to breath and not harp on what isn’t because you’re focusing on what is.

You’re partner may not catch onto the breath you’re trying to take right off. But what you have to do is create a pattern within self that lingers over your connection until they catch on. Which they will! This process can become overwhelming because it may seem as if you’re the only one looking for the good, as if they don’t see you because there stuck under the cloud you’ve so graciously taken a breather from. I say you make them breathe too.

You have to ignore small things which will eventually become so frustrating and hard to ignore that you absolutely have to reset. That’s okay because you fell in love through a cosmic connection that will reach out to the other soul whom you’re connected too. When this happens we.. ( because I’m struggling with this now) have to learn how not to be resentful for their snail like pace. Don’t harp on the fact that they bask in the glory of finding a breath that you’ve been chasing behind them with this entire time. Let them see that you too found this relationship breath, and learn how to bask in the glory of it as one.

Be as you were when the goal was only to make the other fall in love. Bask in the moments when you lose yourself in each other because those moments matter. Those are the moments you want to last! So luvz the goal is to take a breath from the book of love and just breath love. – Donnie Sharrell

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