Nodika’s Sexual Excursions #4 (Play room action) #erotica

I watched as the sweat dripped from Mr’s forehead around to his bottom lip, I immediately start to moisten down below. He was busy tinkering with his car in the garage and didn’t hear when I came home, so I was able to admire him in his entirety. The way he clinches his teeth as he uses his bicep muscles immediately turns me on. I stand in the doorway and slowly start to remove my clothing, starting with my high heels first. I don’t get Mr’s attention right away, not until the sound of the second heel hitting the floor echoes off of the brick garage walls.

Mr stands straight up to face me with his bare chest covered in the sexiest sweat beads I had ever seen. He goes over to the mud room sink and starts to aggressively wash the dirt from his massive hands, but he never once stops watching me undress. Once I was standing there without a lick of clothing on I began to rub my fingers around my pearl with one hand, and caress my breasts with the other. Finally Mr walks back over to set on the hood of his vehicle, holding onto a handful of himself.
“Baby, who told you that you could put your hands on my property, hu?”

I couldn’t help but go weak at the knees for this fine ass man, he was beautiful, and he was mine.
“Nobody told me Mr! But I was really really enjoying the view of you, am I in trouble?”
Mr licks his thick pink lips, but he doesn’t give me an answer.
“Come here Nodika, come give me a kiss.” He demands and of course I obey.

I lean In for a kiss but Mr turns away, confused I lean in for another this time tongue out, he rejects me once more. I step back so I could study him, all of a sudden a huge grin forms around my face as I drop down into a squat so that I’m looking up at him. Mr grins down at me as he bites his bottom lip,
“That’s my Baby, suck dat’ mufucka’ girl…!”
He groans so deep and sexily that it makes me start to drip in the center as I slip the head of Mr’s vained firearm into my mouth. He tasted like soap and sweat mixed all together in the back of my throat, I loved it!

As Mr runs his manhood back and forth in my throat I use the Curves of my mouth to suck on him. I could tell he was enjoying himself by the way he gripped my hair in his fists. His face was scrunched in pleasure as I felt the precum drizzle from his head onto my moist tongue. I could feel my body temperature starting to rise as I try and swallow him whole. All of a sudden he pulls himself from the back of my throat and starts to stroke himself aggressively with one hand, but keeps a handful of my hair in the other hand to hold me in place.

Just as suddenly as Mr had layered my tongue with his precum, he starts to let go all over my chin and titties. “Godamn’ Baby! Go to the room and cuff yourself up on the door, and don’t move.”
Mr gives me an order and of course I obey, hell I knew better than to make him tell me twice. I go and cuff one arm to the wall cuffs Mr had set up in our play room like he’d ordered me too. There I wait with my feet together and my mouth shut the way he’d taught me to do as his obedient submissive.

After what seemed like forever, Mr enters the room with a cup in hand. He cuffs my other wrist to the wall before leaning in real close so that his baked body’s pressed up against mine. I close my eyes and feel without thought, paying attention to the feeling of him caressing my curves. His hands roam up my thighs, in-between them where he stops to spread my pretty lips apart. I tingle at his touch but as soon as I feel Mr’s wet lips wrap around my perky nipples, my knees immediately start to knock.

“Spread your legs apart and you better not budge, do you hear me baby?”
I nod my head yes, “I understand Mr”?
He used his tongue and licks around the breasts and up to my lips where he used his lips to force mine apart. I almost move as he makes his way down to my waist line, eventually using his juicy lips to cater to my glistening pussy. I bite my bottom lip to contain my squeals as Mr spreads my lower lips apart and sticks his entire face into his kitty.

I was lost until the a freezing sensation enters the mix. My eyes pop open and I catch my suitor staring up at me with an ice cube cupped in-between his lips. “You bet not move either” he demands. As soon as he goes back in my body jolts, Mr waists no time teaching me a lesson. He Pulls me forward with his left hand and reaches up with his right one to give me a swift slap across my bottom. The stinging only made the pleasure more intensifying.

“Baby… I told you not to move. Now I’m about to put you in your place.” Of course I knew better than to speak a word, I was already in trouble! Mr takes his wide middle and ring finger suddenly shoving them straight into my wetness. My head immediately jerks backwards and my mouth fly’s open as I gasp for air. Fingers still inside of me he stands up, leans down and free handedly slurps my right breast into his warm mouth. The scent of him was intoxicating and my body was going crazy as Mr fucks me with his fingers, giving me no mercy.

He antagonizes me until I explode in the palm of his hand. Like the dominant freak that he is, Mr pulls his fingers out of me and slips them into his mouth. Tasting the wholesome goodness that he had just forced from inside me. With one quick swoop, my suitor picks me up off of my feet, as soon as I wrap my legs around his slim waist he dives into my pool of lust. Mr holds me by the back of my neck as he long strokes the corners of my soft plump pear.

“Yes Mr… Just like that! I wanna’ feel you inside of me the rest of the night.”
My entire body was his and there was nothing I could do about it. Our moans groans and grunts filled the room along With the sounds of chains rattling. We we’re in our element and he was doing as he always did! Taking me out of my body and giving me exactly what I needed. Like when he slams me back against the wall and raises one leg onto my shoulder stretching me all the way out so he could slow stroke me.

I could feel another orgasm starting top build inside of me but he had me pent up, I couldn’t fight it. Mr pulls out of me leaving a trail of stickiness all the way from in-between my thighs, leading to his muscular member. He un-cuffs me and drags me over to our love cradle where he fiercely throws me down. I look up into his eyes with my head slightly tilted to the left and my chest heaving. He towers over me then as sweet as ever, Mr leans down and gives me a passionate lip suckling kiss that sends chills up my spine.

Lip still cupped in-between his, he flips me onto my side and enters me with skill mastering ease. Mr still holds my bottom lip in-between his as his thrust’s become more and more deep and quickened. I could feel his mascular member starting to jerk as he grips a palm of my left cheek in one hand and uses the other to wrap around my throat. My eyes roll in the back of my head with pleasure, I couldn’t help but thrust my hips back into his stroke. “Yeah just like that, this mufucka’ boudda’ spit exactly how you like it Baby! Ughhhshit,’ tell Mr where you want him da’ paint you”!

My legs had started to lock up as my orgasm was beginning to take over. I respond to my suitor in a soft lusty tone that was barely audible and squeaky. “Paint my ass plz Mr! I want you da’ cum right in-between my cheeks.” Just the way I liked it, hos body starts to lock up too. He pushes my legs up too my chest and starts to fuck me with passionate aggression until his eyes roll back into his head and then forward. Mr’s face goes into sort of a scrunch until he was jerking inside of me.

I lean up and fuck him back until he crashes on top of me, sweat beads beaming from his entire body. We lay there wrapped in each other, eyes cocked wide open and bodies throbbing. Mr rolls off of me onto his back and I climb onto of him, straddling his lap. The man was everything to me I couldn’t get enough of him. In a slow sexy motion I lean down into his ear, “do you wanna’ go again?” With the sexist grin ever he grabs me by My chin and pulls me into another kiss.
“Only if you ask me nicely,”
He grins in a tempting manor making me laugh aloud as he flips me onto my back spreading my thighs as far apart as they would spread…! -Donnie Sharrell

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