Date Night! (Dinner & seclusion)

Tonight is date night and I’m feeling a type of way, the type of way that requires nothing less then your full attention! So let me tell you how I want this to go…

After a long day I want us to shower together with the body to body connection and only our hands and moisturizer to clean the dirt from each others skin. I want to watch your muscular buttocks move as you get dressed up into a work of art with a masterpiece on your arm. On the way to the restaurant i’d like you to turn on some slow jams and rest your right hand on my inner thigh. As I caress your manhood through your pants with my left hand I want you to grip me tightly and focus on the road. Not on me leaning closer and closer until my heads basically in your lap.

As I unzip your pants and pull your beautiful member out, I want you to slowly slide your fingers further and further up my leg until you can feel that im not wearing any panties. I would of been stroking you to full attention until you were at the right amount of stiff for me to slurp you into my mouth. I want to hear your heavy breathing as I work to bring you to the brink of ecstasy with my jaws of passion. By now your middle and ring finger should be slipping in-between my lips pressing against my now blossoming clitoris. Just as things start to heat up, we are interrupted by the GPS telling us we had arrived at our destination.

You’ll want to finish but I’ll refuse so I can drag out the passion of want, as long as possible. Like two freaky partners we walk hand in hand into the restaurant to sit down and have a sexy dimly lit dinner. You’ll eat steak to direct and strengthen your limit of testosterone for my use later on. We’ll have a few drinks, and take a few hours to flirt and laugh across the table until I acknowledge your hints and we call for the check. You’ll be ready to go home but I’ll make you take me to a store for a bottle and cups, so we can go to a secluded area to chill on the hood of the car.

As the night sky sparkles above us I want to feel closer to you, for you have my heart strings. As I watch your lips move the sound of your voice fades away, as my fat ma starts to pulsate. I’ll lean over and tug at your pants button, you’ll lay back, hands playfully resting behind your head letting me fondle you. But once I’d gotten them unbuttoned you’ll stop me. You’ll tell me how upset I made you for not finishing you off before dinner and start to aggressively position my body the way you want me to poke me down in.

By now I’d be bent over the car, rib cage resting on the hood as you slide inside of me. You’ll use one hand to caress my breasts and have the other gripped onto my waist as you stroke my slippery guts in a way that drove me crazy. I’ll reach back and hold onto your wide wrist with one of my small hands, and message my clit with the other. I want for our sex sounds to echo through the nature that surrounds us and our strings of love to attatch.

I want you to finish me off with a donation of your semen spread between my inner thighs. We’ll do it a few more times until we both look beat up and rattled. After we share a circle of energy we’ll share a gift of herbs from earths leaves on the drive home, hand in hand. Before bed we’ll shower together again but this time you’ll pick me up and handle me against the misted shower walls. The two of us will end date night with me in your arms, us watching cartoons until we both fall asleep in the nest of love that we’ve created! -Donnie Sharrell

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