Lost-Ends mountain B&B #1 #Short-story saga #thriller

The trees were covered in frost as our shaky Tahoe cut through the chilled Wyoming air. The drive from North Dakota to Utah had already been a hectic one with the twins nagging and fighting most of the way. Running from something is never an easy task, especially when you’re running from something or someone you love. As the December snow fell around us the Wyoming air gave me a sense of relief and fear all at once. Maybe it was the big charge we we’re making, or maybe my intuition was tying to warn me off what was to come.

The sun was starting to set and I knew I couldn’t drive all night in freezing temperatures with the twins in the car. Both my sons had their eyes glued to their mind killing Nintendo switches. Hey boys Im gonna’ stop for gas, then in the next few miles we’ll find a diner to eat at and a motel to crash in overnight.” Neither twin responds. Finally after about fifteen minutes I spot a gas station to pull into, I needed to stretch my legs so badly my ass clapped in excitement.

I pump the gas and send the boys inside. “Both of you get to choose one snack for tonight at the hotel, and use the bathroom because Koda if you try and piss outta’ my back window ever again, I’ll strangle you.”
I bounced from foot to foot trying to keep warm as I pumped the gas but it was no use, the mountains we’re covered in snow and it was starting to come down faster and heavier. When I made it inside the store to pay for the gas the twins had already got their snacks and we’re headed back out to the truck. The old man running the rickety gas and go gave me an old peaceful native warrior vibe.

“What brings such a beautiful family to these parts of the mountains? You’re a long way from friendly tourist township” the store clerk huffs in an accent I couldn’t quite put my finger on.
“My sons and I are headed to Utah for a while, we’re just passing through” I grin. The clerk gives me a long stare as ye rings up my gas ticket.
“Actually it’s getting late, do you know any diners or motels around”? 
This time the clerks silence cuts through me for some reason and I was quick to head for my truck, but he comes behind me.

“There are no motels around for nearly 40 miles, but there’s a dinner about ten miles down and up the mountain. Just eat and leave this mountaintop young lady, for some reason it’s colder on this side of the mountain than the other side. That goes for the people too”!
I don’t respond to the clerk but his words stuck with me all the way to that little diner he’d mentioned. I ordered three burgers and a large fry for the boys to share, I wasn’t really hungry my mind was doing way too much thinking about everything else. I had been driving for 31 hours with only 2 hours of sleep and it felt like I had shifted into overdrive.

Koda and kaylon both finished their food in record timing as most 11 year old boys do. No we weren’t broke, but what we did have I had to be frugal with since that’s all we had to our names to start over with.
“Mom I thought you said were going to a motel tonight! I don’t wanna drive ago night again the backseat hurts”
Kaylon complains. I already felt shitty enough I definitely didn’t need his fussing, plus it was really starting to turn into a storm outside.
“We may have to drive a few hours longer boys. The clerk said there were no motels around, there’s nothing I can do.”

Of course the twins started to throw fits but I was way to tired to argue with them. The red headed waitress comes over with the check and another coffee refill.
“Look Im really sorry to of been ear hustling but I think I know a place you guy’s could stay over night. The storms getting pretty bad and I’m sure this mountaintop will be going on regulation shut down here real soon. The sheriff don’t like no unnecessary accidents.”
I hated a nosey ass person, but I needed her help.
The clerk says there ain’t no hotels around, so…..”

The waitress laughs a quirky laugh. “Well the clerks right we don’t got any motels for miles. But people who come through here usually take up residence at our B&B’s and lucky for you there is one up the mountain. Hold tight I’ll get you directions”.
By the time we got back to the truck the roads were barely visible and the boys had started to grog over. Even though I got the feeling to keep on going, I stop at the sign that read Lost-Ends mountain B&B.

The driveway up the mountain to the B&B had to be an unreasonable mile and a half long at least. In the front of the huge wooden cabin was a sign, it read! Not only do the lost ones come here to find there beginning, but to find and end to your chaos is no longer an impossible feat once you’ve lost all endz!)
The land around the B&B was super dark accept the stars that we’re lit up in the now night sky. Just as I was about to restart my car an get the hell out of there, the porch light flicks on and out steps a short pale plushy lady dressed in a wolfed print robe.-Donnie Sharrell

To be continued…….

5 thoughts on “Lost-Ends mountain B&B #1 #Short-story saga #thriller

  1. She definitely don’t watch enough TV lolz This dude just pretty much told her ass these mfs b tripping around here n u don’t think he is too?? Yeah baby girl better have that blink with her or she might b hit!! lolz n koda lil pissy ass better help when shit go down too!!! N not tryna take another piss out a window!!!🤦🏽‍♂️

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      1. I was so n2 it I actually start cursing baby girl out!! She had me mad as hell.. moving like that n she got them boys with her!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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