As we lay! #Poem

As we lay knowing it may be a lifetime before we feel the warmth of the other, we release breathes of love for one another

We lay in spite of the demons that chase us away from the tangled web of tragedy that tries to ruin us as we lay

We hold onto what could be, what will be within our union and for what we seek to create

As we lay wondering why the universe intertwined us from so far apart, the feeling of comfort surges through our bodies traveling between us

Knowing that I must give my full self in love is knowing that I may get the chance to one day feel the warmth of you’re body against mine

I yearn to be intertwined with you because i know what you know and knowing that means knowing that you were meant to be mine

We lay apart and together in different spaces at the same time under the same moon with different missions in the same battle of love

As we lay in spite of the demons that haunt our love mission, I close my eyes and connect to you through the cosmic strings that bind us through and through..! -Donnie Sharrell

2 thoughts on “As we lay! #Poem

  1. Amazing work.. I really love and appreciate how u put ur heart and true feelings n2 it!! U definitely got urself a fan n me!!!😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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