Hear me King! #poetry

Intertwined in the midst of love and light is the feeling that I so greatly wish could be passed from me to you

From the deepest of my heart I know I was born of love that’s meant to flow through me and into the heart of a king that’s no less than a king because it’s born into he

It’s in you to bring out of me what’s been stuffed away for far so long to protect myself from what I cannot control

My mind and spirit are intertwined with the soul of he who chases me through the spirit planes searching for the light that is my love

As my body and my mind seek to be intertwined through the cosmic balance of love, Im consumed by the path of light that leads me through the journey of love-seeking

A love that throbs so deeply from my feet to the top of my brain and out through the soul gazers that are meant to gaze upon my tied mate for many stared nights to pass

Within me is the call that only a king of love kings can hear through the midst of his pain and poisoned path he’s walked just to find me

To find what is rightfully yours because what is his is the light that laminates from her

I am she who will call for her king and let her king get a gaze into what could be, leaving behind what will never be again

For my king will be done searching the cosmic love planes for his queen, and see through his seeing iron gates that our connection is a connection that is endless in through cosmic balance and time..! -Donnie Sharrell

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