AskDonya (post breakup cleansing)

Hey Luvz, lets chat again…

So with the forced togetherness that corvid-19 caused this past year, it created a lot of bonds, as well as straining and breaking a few. Now that some restrictions are being released so are a lot of ties. Having to spend a forced amount of time together and then having to break away from that can feel pretty damaging to your psychical and emotional. It’s not odd that you’re feeling lost right now, that just means you were invested in what you had. Now that you’ve realized that it’s over or maybe you’re on that path to realization, and you know it hurt you, now its time for the post breakup cleansing.

It’s always good to sit in your emotions so that you’re able to connect to your pain and identify where it went wrong. In doing this you’ll open up to yourself and start to focus on what it is you need to heal. You’ll need to center yourself with calm so that your thought’s are not reverting inside the pain but learning to trump it. Write, read, exercise physically or surround yourself with people that let you know moving forward is possible. Find a meditation corner to practice traveling to your comfort zone and mentally clearing out the clutter.

When you’ve been with someone and gotten use to having them you may feel empty without them, believe me I know. But what you have to reteach yourself is to be happy with you. Identify what it is you weren’t sure of that caused this needed break away. While finding your center you need to do a cleansing of old things that play as a pain reminder so that you’re not harping in your home. Your home is your main calm place so you need to create a Zen and a breathing space while doing a cleanse.

Go out get your hair cut/done, find some new music that resonates with your mood because music is zen. Music is frequency so it touches you on a deeper level just as spoken words do. Buy or create one new thing for your home and use this as the symbol of new beginnings. The point of a cleansing is to clear you of the longing lonely pain that you feel after a post breakup. You have to be willing to let go of the resentment and pain, don’t blame yourself and find comfort in one’s self. Because the biggest thing you have to do is let go and be willing to cleanse you!

Remember Luvz that a lost relationship happens because one or both parties stopped doing the work. Now you have to figure out why you were ok with not doing that work especially the self work. Be ok with identifying the fails and the things you’re willing to change, along with what you need to keep. Do the work that allows you to breathe and create stability in emotions. Eat fruit, work out mentally and physically, get some sunlight and fresh air, clear the painful memories from your space and create something new, and most of all cleanse the mental Luvz..! -Donnie Sharrell

3 thoughts on “AskDonya (post breakup cleansing)

  1. The weight in This line is impressive “It’s always good to sit in your emotions so that you’re able to connect to your pain and identify where it went wrong.” We normally prefer not to face the problem and find easy distractions such as unnecessary indulgence. You’ve put it well with recommendations to help face the pain.

    True, home is a great place for relaxation and listening to music that resonates helps us transcend beyond the problem and raise our vibration. Nice post, thanks for sharing and be well 🌻

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