Have you ever been me?

Have you ever felt your soul leave your body and come back again?
I have! The day I looked into the eyes of my birth star and realized that the last breath I felt her breathe would be the time I got to see life leave the body that carried me

Have you ever wished you could go to a place to hide and bury the pain you never want anyone to see?
I guess that would be the time I was embarrassed and hurt and those girls left me to the mercy of the innocence taker, whoever he may be

Have you ever wanted to be seen by someone who you thought would never see?
That would be a yes but after that raging hurt settled i realized that he wasn’t the key that was meant to fit with me

Have you ever had to look your pain in the face everyday?
Yes but she’s beautiful and the mistakes of them created a love that I know trumps the pain her making caused a retch like me

Have you ever failed at something after you swore you’d succeed?
If I didn’t know failure I wouldn’t be the boss that I strive to be. Failure is my stomping ground and without it I wouldn’t be able to stand on all ten and say what I’ve strived for is complete

Have you ever walked away from someone because you’re to scared to stay?
I’ve ran because my heart is my heart it’s too precious to be played. Im scared of what could be broken and how my love may be perceived

Through all that has been inhaled and all that has been perceived, I’ll ask you this Luvz, Have you ever been me..?
-Donnie Sharrell

2 thoughts on “Have you ever been me?

  1. Yea actually.. we 1 n the same!! Just different stories… But the same pains n hurts!! Till this day I still have this dark cloud over me!! But thru my journey I came across this umbrella.. n thanks to this umbrella my storms ain’t that bad no more!! So yea.. I can definitely relate…

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