I can feel it! #poem

I can feel it in my soul that im losing you, disagreement by disagreement

Im losing the connection I thought was everlasting and at the feet of sorrow I will lay as I feel it in my soul that you’ll go and I won’t stay

I can feel the struggle of unworthiness and mistrust sucking the life from the union that was supposed to be us

Is it evident we will fail because the fight we swore to battle as one has split us into two and damn near taken the vary foundation we built together… and crushed it as if crushing was a must

If we weren’t ready for war why did we enter the service of love?

This I can’t put my finger on, but I can feel it in my soul that it’s going to be over, “Im gonna lose you,” we’re going to go and it’ll be the end of us

We’re losing the battle and this we both see! If we’re going to give up we must give up now, if not then my baby.. My King I need you to fight with me

Fight for what’s rightfully ours, that throne of love! I can feel it in my soul that at the end of it all if we don’t give up on each other and fight as one there is going to forever be an us

You were made for me and I for you! At the end of it all that fact is we both feel it in our souls… we both know that losing each other isn’t an option because You have they key that bonds me to you!– Donnie Sharrell

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