Nodika’s Sexual Excursions (Office work)

This was a big week for Mr, and I’d been working around the office the past few days trying to help take some of the stress off of him. The work flow was starting to slow down as I watch the professionally dressed boss heading back toward his office. He had a tan folder cuffed tightly under his right arm and his face was scrunched up in an irritated expression. I finish printing what he’d asked me to before going into the big meeting, then I head his way. I made sure to work the hell out of the Yellow pin skirt I had on to represent Mr in the sexist classy way that I could.

Clink clink clink clink..! Clink clink clink! I knock on the glass door again and Mr’s voice booms out from the other side of the door sending chills up my long legs.“Come in!” I walk in, pointed high heels clicking on the marble floors as I strut toward him. Mr leans back in his spinny leather chair watching me with those man has handling eyes. He rests his right hand up against his temple and the other on his lap as I drop the print outs onto his desk.

Mr looks me over, forehead wrinkled and bottom lip cuffed between his teeth. “How was your meeting”? Without answering Mr motions for me to come closer with his index finger. I obey! He leans to the side using the hand that was resting on his lap to reach up and start unbuttoning my blouse. I was glad I’d closed the door. “Drop down to your knees and spit on it.” His voice was demanding and stern, of course I submit to his orders.

I take his member out with one swift pull, it jumps already muscling up. Both my breasts were hanging out as I let the gathered spit drip from my bottom lip onto the head of Mr’s member. He lets out a deep sigh and cups my nipples in between his fingers as I suck him into my jaws and the back of my throat. The slobber around my lips leak onto his balls causing the fresh spring between my legs to start to run. “Aww shit Baby just like that! UMHUMM get it then” he groans as he pumped his waist.

I slip my fingers downtown and into my now wet entryway, slowly slipping them in and out of me. Mr’s member starts to jerk and I back off so I could watch his pre cum trickle down the side before sopping it up. In a swift move Mr pushes me off of him, grabs me up by the chin and stares me deep in the eyes. “Put one leg on the desk and bend all the way over. I want that mufucka’ tooted all the way up Now!” Mr gives an order and I obey with my whole body shaking as horniness shoots through every inch of me.

Mr grips onto my hips and neck with his massive hands and pushes himself up against the back of me. He forces his tongue between my lips sucking on my top then the bottom as he squeezes my slender throat. I start to thrust my backside into him enjoying the feeling of his wood poking at my puckered hole. Mr spits down my crack and as he massages my swelling pearl, I wince at the pain of him slowly entering my anus. My mouth was wide open but only utters of squeals we’re coming out.

“Spread them cheeks for me Baby!” Mr only had to ask once! As soon as I grab both cheeks moving them apart he forces the rest of his swollen wood into me causing me to jolt forward having to move my hands to catch myself. One of his hands were still cupped in between my legs, two fingers stuffed up inside of me moving in and out in a circular motion, the other hand vigorously caressing my tender breasts. “Please go deeper Mr” I beg. I had one hand reached back wrapped around the back of his neck, and the the other bracing myself on desk where he had me pent down.

I could feel my juice drizzling down into Mr’s massive hand which only drove me all the more crazy. Now my moans were audible but I could care less if anyone outside that door heard me. Mr was going so hard the shiny oak desk was starting to shake like his leg’s, his knee we’re starting to knock. “Ughh hell yeah gimmie’ that ass Baby. Throwing it like that you boudda’ make me cum… Keep going!” He smacks me on the ass checks and I start to throw it back the freaky way using my hips and the little shake in my booty to give Mr exactly what he wanted.

Suddenly his entire body goes loose, his body scrunches up and he drops his head. I don’t stop fucking him back, my reward was on the way. Mr grips me by the shoulders, pulls out in one stroke, turns me around and pushes me back down to my knees. We look one another in the eyes as he squeezes the tip of his member and starts to let go all over my fully exposed breasts. As his body locks up I caress his balls helping empty him.

“Wheew’ fuck girl..! Nodika get your ass up on the desk pull them legs back, let me finish you off.” I nod my head yes in a seductive obedient way. I lay back my head leaning off the side of the desk both legs pulled back to my ears. I hear Mr gathering spit in his mouth so I lean up to watch it drip from his lips onto my pulsating peach. Mr darts his eye up at me an grins before opening his entire mouth and slurping me into it, sounds and all.

“Oh my goodness Mr yes… Suck my coochie!” I moan out loud with my whole face full of ecstasy as he twirls his tongue on the inside of my wet opening. He grabs onto the inside of my thighs and starts to move my body back and fourth into his mouth. This man was sucking on me so good that tears were building up in my eyes, he had me wide open and fully out of body. “You better cum for me Baby. Let Mr taste the inside of you” he groans into my pear.

He spreads my lips apart, pulls the meat on my pearl back, locks my arms to my leg’s and gives me the death suck. I could not move anything but my hips, he was forcing me to hunch his face. “Right now.. Cum right now” he demands as my sweetens drips down his chin. It could of only been a few more suck and lick combos before my entire body was convulsing and my eyes were rolling in the back of my head. “Right there Baby? That’s how you want me da’ suck on nis’ fat mufucka?” I could barely answer but I knew I had too even if I was busy having my spirit sucked from me.

“Ye..yes Mr ye… Right there please eat it!” My voice was high pitched and my ass struggled to get that sentence out as I exploded onto his tongue. I crash back onto his desk in a trance as he lets his tongue sit inside of me until the pulsating slows down. Mr fall back into his chair and grins at me as he re dresses. “Thank you for that victory luv Baby. Mr needed that but ugh’ go get the car, Im having the rest of my day rescheduled you look like you need an afternoon of handling”.

My grin was super wide as I hop from his desk. I lean down and kiss his plump lips purposely sliding my tongue across his chin to taste myself. “Yes Mr” I nod giving him a seductive smile causing us both to laugh out loud. He gives me a smack on my ass and I get too it, I was ready to see what we got into on the car ride home. -Donnie Sharrell

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