Donyaz Corner Tea Time (pushing reset)

Thanks for tuning in Luvz! Lets sit back in our corner cut and sip tea while we chat…

So Luvz when I mention pushing the reset button, Im talking about within the relationship. See we all get to a point in the union where we need to sit back and reset. Maybe it’s been a lot of arguing, not enough sex, miscommunication, infidelity, hurt or unspoken words, disdain of some sort. Whatever the trouble is it’s not a problem to push the reset button to get back on track and try and save what you have. It’s not weak to try everything you can to save your investment! Yes love is an investment.

Step 1: is to resetting is to sacrifice your pride and give into your partner in a way that your vulnerably and open to accept the changes that need to be made. See I’m currently working on this step trusting myself to be vulnerable. Step 2: Take time to remember the beginning and the reasons the two of you fell in love. Because remembering love lets the deep feelings that may be laying dormant suddenly creep back in. Step 3: Is when the healing conversations about the dislikes the needs and wants that may lead to a little friction needs to take place. Be careful with this step because when buttons are pressed we seem to say things we don’t entirely feel. It’s always good to have this talk before or after sex when you’re both vulnerable and can have a deep intimate pillow talk.

The goal is to go back and find the beginning of your love. See the beginning is where the foundation is set and the ties begin to intertwine. Finding the beginning of your love helps you realize what it is the two of you were working towards in the first place. Go back to the spontaneous calls texts and pictures throughout the day. Have that vulnerable sex where you let him be in charge and tame you. Make a meal and surprise her with cute little gestures infront of her colleagues and friends to make her feel all special and giddy.

See you have to recreate emotions that you may think are dead, but really they are hidden. Open up to each other, be goofy and do the little thing’s that neither of you realized mattered. Try to understand because you have to remember that you’re supposed to be each others safe place. It’s not a battle that has to be lost if you’re willing to let the other have all of what you offered coming into the partnership. Stop and let the other feel what’s hidden behind the closed doors within because he or she is supposed to have the keys to those doors, correct?

Try to find the point that made you have to reset in the first place. See there’s always a root cause to any pickle of a situation, you just have to focus on ignoring that and pushing reset. Which brings us to the next step in the book. Step 4: Forget what cannot be changed because feeding the beast only lets it’s belly grow bigger! You have to starve it out and eventually it will wither away. Step 5: Reassure your partner that they aren’t in the fight to begin again alone. Knowing that you have a teammates, partner, you’re best friend to fight along side of you again is the biggest reset of them all!

Know that you can do it together and focus on the new beginning again. Be nasty, be free, be accepting, be nice and considerate of what the other may be thinking or feeling as if those feelings were yours. Im working on this one too! If you can do these things then you will find your love button again and be able to reset. It’s ok to feel odd but don’t make this work unless it’s a job that you love. Work on yourself and not the other person, and then work on the things you can change and not the things that neither of you meant to become the biggest cloudy ass focus.

Every situation can be beat Luvz! You know what I’m going to say though, you gotta be willing to do the work within! -Donnie Sharrell

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