Night & Day! #awareness #Short-story #trigger-warning

Let’s try another awareness warning piece Luvz!

Daphne could barely breathe as Josh gripped her around the neck, she lays still and waits for him to finish. It felt like he went on for ever, then finally his body starts to jerk and Josh crashes on the bed beside her with a sweat covered brow. Daphne gets up and goes to the bathroom that was connected to she and Josh’s bedroom to clean up. “Aye girl…!” Josh calls out to Daphne who doesn’t answer because she was busy in the shower cleaning his sweat off of her.

Her lack of response agitates Josh to the point that he storms into the bathroom. He snatches the curtains open, yanks Daphne out of the shower by the hair throwing her to the floor. He kicks her in the stomach before he leans over and proceeds to chastise the whimpering girl. “You know better then not to answer me when I’m talking to you bitch.Get  up and go fix Me and My son some eggs. Hell he’s probably up while you’re in here tryna get cha’ young ass fucked on.”

Daphne crawls up from the ground and heads to go tend to her 3 year old. Of course Josh follows behind her feeling like he was in control, because he was! “Jr get in here an watch cartoons with daddy so ya’ dumb ass momma can get in the kitchen an feed us.” Daphne finishes dressing their son, and kisses him on the forehead before sending him out to his hero, her captor. “You’re about to be 20 and you’re dumb as a box of rocks Daphne. When I was 20 I wasn’t that dumb. You need to do better for your son.”

The young mother drowns out the torture that she endured on a daily bases. She only had a few hours before her work shift started, that meant 8 hours of partial freedom. As she made the two most important people in her life breakfast Daphne, day dreamed like she did most of the day about getting away from Josh. She’d been with him since the age of sixteen and they had a seven year difference so since day one he used her age against her. She was younger than him so that meant she was dumb, right? Yes Daphne loved him, but Josh was like night and day in one person, which put Daphne and their son in the line of fire.

“Ayee… girl I see that eyes better!” Daphne shoots her coworker the evil eye as she folds the batch of freshly dry cleaned clothes that had just come out. Her coworker shakes her head, “Daphne girl I ain’t mean nothing by it. You look good toady girl I’m sorry.” Daphne doesn’t respond to the girl, her focus was on the car that was parked across the street at the shopping center. Josh had dropped her off and come back, he’d just been sitting out there the past 3 hours. This was bothering Daphne because Josh hadn’t done that in a while, hell he was supposed to be at home watching their son.

Daphne’s production level must of been pretty low that day, because before she could finish her last 4 hours of work her boss sends her home. Naturally the young mother was upset, she was the only one in their home bringing in consistent money to keep them afloat. Josh could sense her disdain but he doesn’t show her any kind of sympathy. “Don’t get in here slamming doors girl. What the hell you doing out here I’m not taking you to lunch you can eat when we get home.”

“We can go home Josh! You sitting outside my job got me sent home.” Heaving his unacceptable behavior recognized splits Josh into night and day. But at this same time Daphne goes back to the thought of where Jr was. “Where’s my son”? Josh doesn’t respond he just keeps driving but Daphne was agitated too.“Josh where’s my son? You hear me talking to you.” She huffs a little too much for Josh’s liking and he draws back and punches her in the mouth from the side.

Daphne’s lip immediately starts to drip blood down her uniform. Josh speeds up and takes a back road that was familiar to both of them. Daphne prayed for him to stop because she was determined to jump out of the car and make a run for it, that doesn’t happen. Josh grabs a handful of her hair and as he slams on his breaks he also slams her face into the dashboard dazing the young mother. Now the blood was Literally leaking from her face enough to shut her up for Josh to make it to their apartment building. He gets out and carries the whimpering barely moving girl up the stairs as onlookers say nothing at all.

“Where’s my baby say Josh..”? Daphne had been thrown on the living room floor as her sons father paces around her. That’s when she hears him, Jr comes flying from the bedroom crying, trying to reach his mommy. Josh swoops their son up before he could reach her, an evil look in his eyes. He taunts her with the opinion of Jr. “Mommy’s being dumb right now, tell her to get her ass up.”

Jr was screaming as he reached out for Daphne, which only angered his dad. “Dude shut the hell up.. You better not get the hell off of this couch” he warns tossing the boy onto the sofa. Jr continues to scream as Josh walks over and starts to drag and kick his mother with brute force. The entire time Daphne focuses on calming her son down telling him everything was okay and that daddy was just playing. But he wasn’t he was beating the hell out of her so badly it was hard to tell where the leaking blood was coming from.

Everything seemed to happen in seconds. The dragging, the kicking, and Jr getting up to run to his mommy for Josh to only push him down. Suddenly it was quiet, both parents look to each other then back to their sons shaking body. Daphne snaps out of the daze and crawls over to her baby pulling him from the floor and up into her lap.“Call the ambulance! JOSH CALL SOMEBODY… HE’S NOT BREATHING!” Josh doesn’t move he was stuck as the echo’s of Daphne’s cry’s creep into his brain.

He stayed in this daze even as he was put in the back of the police car, and Daphne set outside of the apartment complex still screaming in tears. She was inconsolable. Josh’s daze lasted until he sees it. Sees Jrs covered body being carried to the ambulance on a stretcher that his still body was too small for. As the father threw up on the police cruiser floor and his lap, he and Daphne lock eyes once more. He was begging for her forgiveness through his eyes but all he seen in hers was a growing hate and a sadness he’s never seen before.

He hadn’t seen this sadness even when she gave her family up for him. Not when he was beating her up or forcing her to have sex, cook and clean. Not even when he was embarrassing her! See this sadness he knew was one he caused her to live with for the rest of her life and there was nothing he could do about it! –Donnie Sharrell

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