Baby I feel that! #poetry

It may be the humph in your voice when you speak, or the curve in your neck when you’re listening to me.. I don’t know but baby I feel that!

It could be the way you call my name when you’re upset or when our body frequencies are interwoven… Hell I don’t know but baby I feel that!

I feel the excitement you give me that starts on the tip of my tongue and ends in the bottom of my urethral. Maybe it’s that or the way your face turns up before you laugh… Hell I don’t know but baby I feel that!

It’s you that I feel inside and out no matter how close or how far apart. We are connected and maybe that’s just that. Maybe that’s why I feel you and the reason why you’re the only one who can make me mad… Hell I don’t know everything but I do know that!

I do know that me loving you is unreasonable unorthodox and based on faith and fact. But I don’t know why I’m so drawn to you, only the star gods can tell me that. What is it with you… Hell I don’t know but baby I know that I feel that!

Whether we succeed or we fail loving you was cosmic and that’s a fact.. Hell I don’t know what it is we have but I do know I can feel you and that’s what know matter what it is I can feel that!

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