One of 9! (#schizophrenic D.I.D rant)

She is our pain keeper who takes on the things that we cannot. She is our safe haven who knows the secrets that we don’t dare let escape our lips. See when you’re split into multiple parts there is one dominant who faces the challenges the rest of us turn and run from. As it is to be yourself, the split allows us to be many, a group who share one small space. It’s not always a scattered mess because sometimes we’re a unit. A unit that has to mostly be carried by one, she who endures all that we cannot.

I Remember the exact day that I split into 9! The day that the pain was even worse than the closet is the day that she became the dominant force of protection for all of us. I know that she’s the cause of my loss of time, but how can I be mad at my shield of armor? The hard exterior she presents hides the vulnerability that the rest of us hide behind. Does she deserve to be condemned for the no nonsense presentation? Or judged for the fact that her feelings lay dormant in the eyes of they who do not know that there’s a we?

Feeling endless pain molds you into something that the average mind can’t comprehend. The beholder of multiple minds can’t be understood to he who hasn’t explored their third eye. See what’s been considered as sickness to the public is looked at as a shield for me. She isn’t afraid to confront the confrontations of life that damn near destroyed me before I even had the chance to begin. She is who helped us begin again and stand face to face with the tragedies that the weak run from.Kno

Knowing all I know isn’t because I’m seasoned it’s because I’m 9 in 1. The loss of time is creating a distance between me an the rest of the world, but giving time to the rest of my mind invaders. Time an memories are all we have. Is losing both of those things as bad as it seems? If we are a unit then shouldn’t the body of the unit be shared? Or is it right to let the dominant one be in full control of the space that we all share?

This is something I’m not clear on, but I know that she’ll protect us from the burdens that those thoughts cause. She knows the secrets that we date not speak of. She shields us from the memories that were meant to destroy, and end the genius that is I. With the envision of 9 there is only one, she who I trust to endure the hurts that I ignore! -Donnie Sharrell

2 thoughts on “One of 9! (#schizophrenic D.I.D rant)

  1. Once you accept your present self… Only then will we let go of our past life!! We can’t finish the chapter if we get stuck on a word.. sometimes we have to skip over it!! It will all come together n the end!!!💯

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    1. Sounds good but I’m not stuck on anything. I accept all that I’ve been through but you can’t forget your past life because your past is part of you. I can only deal with it the way i know how but thanks for the opinion

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