What I’ll sacrifice! #Poetry

I’ll sacrifice my heart to you because my hearts meant to be yours.Sacrificing is something I’m use to but I rather give that part of me to you and let you be inside of me, explore. Explore what I use to be an what I left behind. It no longer matters if I hide from what I thought I should have been or wouldn’t be, as king you deserve to know I have that fight for sacrifice in me.

I’ll sacrifice the right to be rite and the pride I’ve built up inside. To you I’ll give up the most vulnerable parts of what I know protect me from pain. But I’ll hurt if that means it’ll reassure my king, that loving you was the top decision over everything. Everything is you and I, so at the end of it those other sacrifices won’t matter after I’m able to feel the love we create from the passion of our eyes to the way we love through debate.

Yes I’m willing to sacrifice but are you? Im not sure of that anymore when it comes to being right, it has to be you. If only the right thing to you was being with me, I’d know that the sacrifice I’m willing to give was mutual and aim free. Maybe you have a mission, but maybe you don’t! What I do know is what I’m willing to give you, the next probably won’t, What I will, she can’t!

Our sacrifices are owed to each other even if we don’t know what it is we’re willing to give up. Being the others heart safe haven is an obligation that requires no less than selflessness. At the end of it all I’ll sacrifice it all just to be in love with he who is the one! -Donnie Sharrell

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