Lost-Endz Mountain B&B #3 #Short-story saga

George was a strong old fucker who was able to drag me from the house, through the cold, and into the big barn. He uncovers my head giving me a view of the creepiest space I’d ever laid eyes on. There were 6 point stars engraved in the barn walls and on the ceiling. A huge white stone set in the middle of the room, and there were tables lined up with crystals, knives, cloaks, and lots of other weird ass trinkets. George ties me to a wooden post and leaves me screaming for my kids in the dark.

I must of screamed for hours before that door opens again an in walks the group from the kitchen. They were all wearing grey robes, kind of like a priests robe. Leading them was of course the lady of the house walking a wolf on a leash. Penny gives me a huge smile before turning to the group. “Didn’t I tell you she was a beautiful piece of art!” My heart was racing as they all looked at me like I was a pet or something.“Where the hell are my sons penny?” She doesn’t answer me she just continues to walk around with her damn wolf dog as 

“Where the hell are my sons penny?” She doesn’t answer me she just continues to walk around with her damn wolf dog as the cultic group forms a close circle around the rock and drops their hoods. I immediately make eye contact with the girl from the diner who’d sent us here, and that’s when I realize that this entire thing was a set up.“Please just tell me where my sons are so we can go. We’ll risk the storm JUST LET US GO…”! Now the fear was really starting to set in as I looked around and no one even flinched at my pleas of freedom.

Diner girl walks over to me and leans down infront of me, if I was free I would of jumped on her ass. She reaches up and grabs me by the chin forcing my mouth open, but not before I bite her ass. “Stop it bitch you’re lucky you get to contribute to this ritual. Your womb is sacred” she grunts before shoving a handful of black charcoal into my mouth. The taste was so pungent that I couldn’t help but dry heave and choke on the substance. Next Penny walks the wolf over and I freeze up as the all white wolf sniffs me.

I was so focused on the wolf scare tactic that I didn’t notice the bitch from the diner had pulled a knife out. The cultic group watches as she leans down and starts to cut a chunk of meat from my thigh causing me to scream a glass shattering shriek. They take my flesh and place it at the base of the rock and start to chant again. Tears steam down my face as Penny disappears out the door with the white mountain wolf. Diner girl squats on the floor before me.“This mountain top thrives on the sacrifice of the womb. If you get lost here you were meant to be here. Embrace the path that the mountain gods have written for you.”

The cut was deep but the coldness of the winter storm was helping slow the pace of the bleeding. The hooded group must of went on repeating this chant for the next 30 minutes before Penny comes back through the barn door. Behind her there were the twins, passed out and being packed over Georges should like two potato sacks. “Put them down. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH MY KIDS? BOYS WAKE UP..!” George lays the boys on the floor at the base of the rock on either side. I continue to yell for them to wake up until Penny comes and slaps Duct tape over my mouth to muffle my screams.

“The suns gonna set soon, it’s almost time George, get the crystals.” I knew there was no use in begging, so I start trying to work on the wrist ties. The boys were out cold, and i didn’t know what was going on, all I knew was I had to get us the hell out of this situation. I had to be careful not to draw attention to myself as I watched the cult place crystals at every corner of the barn, and at my three points creating a triangle around me. George comes over and squats down infront of me. He was holding a gold bowl to my thigh as he squeezes my wound causing my blood to come running out into it, I immediately start to see stars.

He leans into my ear speaking softly. “We’re not going to hurt your boys, she only wants your ovaries. But if you resist, you will die.” The fear in his eyes nearly matched mine which only added more fear to my heart,hell It was if he was only a pawn in this game. The ties we’re starting to loosen up as the lights were dimmed and the group lines up infront of me. I watch as they all sip my blood from the golden cup.

The thought of these weird ass people taking my ovaries for some crazy ass ritual was scaring the hell out of me. I was already panicking, but once Penny comes over with a bucket and starts to say a prayer over my head, I start to get worried. The worry turns to panic and shock once I see blood flying from the bucket Penny was holding. It was as if it all was happening in slow motion, until I was covered in the thick sticky dark substance. It was as if I got scared strength because as I screamed flopping around, the wrist ties snap. To be continued…- Donnie Sharrell

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