Batter up Love! ❤

It’s as if we swing and miss every time our mission is home base. Maybe because within the sections of our hearts there is a connector where the separator use to be. I fill in that space with the addicting of abnormal love and devotion from the pits of our loves beginning!

I dig up what use to be to find what went missing! Within that hole there is no me or you, but there is an us that creates a light. We must see the ball being thrown at us, it’s our job to knock it out of the park and never stop running!

Within the spaces of our love, lust must be created to redeem the blessings of a cosmic connection. If losing is an option then there was surely no reason to play this game of love and war. For there is a great appreciation to those who will not walk away until both sides have completed the mission they’ve been given!

Within the section of comfort that our hearts create we must burrow into each other through more then contact. We must connect the connector and eliminate the separator for there can be no separation between us! -Donnie Sharrell

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