Captor my captor pt1 #Short-story #trigger

Let’s try this one out Luvz! Tell me what you think…

As soon as my eyes pop open and I look at my surroundings, I immediately start to panic. I was in a dark room that my eyes hadn’t adjusted to yet, but I could feel chains on my left ankle and a concrete floor under my feet. Of course I start screaming, I screamed until I finally go horse. My body was weak which left me laying there silently sobbing and thinking of what had led up to this situation I’d gotten myself in to. I was waiting for my eyes to adjust but I was pretty sure I had been taken by someone, and I knew for damn sure I was being held against my will.

10 hours earlier: “Come on Nayja before we’re late, the guys are waiting on us.” My roommate Paris was always pushy but she was extra pushy when it came to partying, but that’s the collage life we lived. “I’m coming girl dang, let me get my purse” I huff with a small attitude. The two of us wore matching red dresses with our hair in high ponytails as we made our way through campus to the guy’s car. I had only met the guy’s a few times before, at previous small gatherings. But I didn’t know the three young men who I later learned to be Chris, Malic, and Felix.

Malic hands Paris a bottle with gold flakes in it which she cuffs.”We’ll wait until we get to the frat house, I want a chaser” Paris giggles excitedly. I was glad because I honestly wasn’t in the mood to party yet. My mood and the air in the atmosphere was off tonight and I couldn’t shake the feeling. The other two men in the car let Malic do most of the talking on the car ride, he was the goof off that Pair was going dumb for. I was relived when we finally made it across campus to the frat house even though it was like every frat was crammed into one space, it was better then being in the car with Malic.

As soon as we got inside the party my roommate bounces off with loud mouth, and Chris disappears in the crowd leaving me with Felix. He was a short muscular young man, short prep school boy cut, tanned skin and sunk in drowsy eyes. He taps me on the shoulder, “so you don’t like party’s”? Felix wasn’t my type but he wasn’t bad looking, and he was the quiet one out of the group which I appreciated. Loud men were not my cup of tea because I wasn’t the loud type of girl.

Before I got the chance to respond, Paris pops up with two red shot cups. “Malic helped make us shots and we don’t have classes tomorrow so you can’t say no tonight Nayja”! My roomy shoves the shot glass into my mouth force feeding me the liquor, then shoves the bottle Malic had given her back at the car into my chest. “I’m not getting waisted tonight Paris. Im only gonna’ have a few drinks then I’m going back to the dorms so don’t get excited.”

Present: It felt like forever before the door at the top of those stairs opened up and the light flicks on. I position myself in the corner, back against the wall so I could see whoever was coming. The shadow freezes a few steps in, their weight causes the steps to creek. I didn’t have anything but myself to use as a weapon and my heart was pounding hard enough that I was sure it was visible. “I’m only coming down to feed you, it’s been hours you need to eat.” The voice from the stairs echoes throughout the room.

The voice wasn’t super deep or raspy, it was a calm an steady smooth type. I respond in a kind of whimpering tone, “No I don’t want anything!” There was a big silence that took over for a while, then the walk down the stairs continues. I stand up and press my back as close as it would go up against the wall as my captor comes into view. He was a tall guy, big athletic sized too, bright tan skin, long hair, and dark beady eyes.“My names Colin..” Was all he says as he slides the plate of food across the concrete to the edge of the bed.

Colin calmly sits on the floor at the edge of the bed crisscross applesauce. He waves me over towards him, “Come eat lets talk!” I frantically shake my head no, his calmness was frightening me. “No thank you! Please just let me go I’m sorry for whatever I did” I cry out. My captor rubs his head aggressively, clearly my pleading was upsetting to him. Not wanting this man to hurt me, I walk over and slowly sit across from him.

10 hours earlier: After the shot and a few gulps of the gold flaked liquor hit my system my energy had boosted and I’d kind of zoned out. Only two songs in and I’d already started to sweat bullets, an on top of that my heart was pounding abnormally hard. A few seconds later I began to get dizzy so I grab Paris so she could help me up to a bedroom. Paris lays me down in one of the frat boys rooms, my head was pounding. “Dang Nayja I know you’re a lightweight but not this lightweight!”

I couldn’t open my eyes to see what was going on around me, but I was conscious enough for the next several minutes where I could hear. I hear Paris talking to someone who entered the room, that I figured to be Malic. “She’s loaded Babe, we’re gonna’ have to get the guy’s for a ride back to the dorms.“Me an you don’t have to go babygirl. I can get one of the guys to take her so we can stay an party.” My roomy pauses for a long while, “no we cant. I need to get Nayja home something’s wrong.”

“Well lets go down get her a bottled water an find the guy’sMalic suggests. I hear the door close just as my stomach starts to cramp up as if I had eaten something bad. My vision was obscured but I drag myself from the bed and to try and find a bathroom. I could feel myself bumping into other students until I found a free wall to walk along. I couldn’t tell you what I tripped over but something trips me and my loose body goes tumbling down to the floor. I must of laid there for three or four minutes before someone comes along to help me up.

“I knew you were the party girl!” The voice of my savor was no one other then Felix. He picks me up and tosses me over his shoulder and I was way too weak to fight him. “I’m gonna’ get you outside so you can get you some air little lady!” I remember calling out for Paris but by this time I was already starting to go in and out of consciousness. As soon as I felt and smelled the fresh air, the vomit starts to pour out of me and I could no longer hold any of my body weight. I hear muffled voices, a car door and then it all goes black from there. (To be continued) -Donnie Sharrell

2 thoughts on “Captor my captor pt1 #Short-story #trigger

  1. Got me glued n on this one.. u a mf with ur mind!! U pulled me rite n the middle of this one!! Keep up the good work mz lady💯 u a superstar n my eyes!!!🤩

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