Not at all right! #poetry

Not at all a little baby, not all fully matured, but grown up through pain and tragedy. Not at all educated in more than life and street smarts, a vision to be is the only out as soon as there’s a start. Not at all defeated but socially beat down in it’s right, to be, to grow even to live in that environment is a gift or maybe it’s spite.

But is not to be not meant to be overcome? Not yet an independent spirit, but a spirit all too soon is the pattern of the environment that we grew. Not at all a wonderer but a dreamer with such a sacrificial soul. A not so elevated mind but an elevated mission in life to be, but stopped by the harmfulness of statistics so that tree will continue to stay bare, no climbing. Not at all violent but defensive as that rightfully goes!

One thought on “Not at all right! #poetry

  1. I’m actually speechless bcuz I can definitely relate to this piece!!! It’s like u reading the pages on my heart!! U talented than a mf.. n dangerous!!🤫ur mind is a weapon.. use it responsibly!!😏

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