Lost-Endz Mountain B&B #4

I couldn’t make a run for it because my boys were still passed out at the base of the ritual rock, so I just lay in the bloody mess. The cult turns back to the rock with my blood dripping from their cracked lips. The wolf lady grabs an old book from the table of tricks and starts reading from it as she circles the group. George appears a few moment later holding something big, it was wrapped in a blue tarp. I was looking around for a way out, I needed some leverage but being in the middle of no where in a storm was already a mark against me.

George sets the tarp at the base of the big bolder between the twins. Penny kneels at the base of the rock beside the tarp and lowers her head. “We’ve been blessed again with the power to give others life through death.” I watch intently as the lot of them nod their head n sync. George disappears outside like the help once again, leaving 6 other members for me to size up an analyze.

Penny was too husky to run, plus she was the boss she wasn’t a chaser so I didn’t have to worry about that with her. Diner girl’s skinny ass was definitely going to be a problem, but I owed her an ass whooping anyways. Then there was an elderly woman in her crackly 80’s along with two elderly men around the same age. Then there was one more male who was kind of iffy because I couldn’t tell his size under the cloaked robe. He wasn’t tall at all but any men’s strength against my frame was going to be a challenge. Next was my plan, how the hell was I going to get me an the boys out when my Truck was snowed in?

As the wolf robed woman bends down and reaches inside the animals belly, I hop to my feet. It was as if I’d find turbo speed as I make a run for the door, not even feeling the missing chunk in my leg. As my bare feet hit the freezing snow it felt like needless. I could hear the cult group shouting after me. George must of heard all of the commotion because he comes charging around the side of the house, I immediately drop down beside the water heater. Once he rounds the corner I charge for the inside door, an run up to get the car keys and dry clothes. By this time I’d made it back downstairs and I could hear everyone getting closer to the cabin, I had to hide. 

I made my way down to what I thought was a basement to hide. That thought was quickly washed away before I even hit the bottom step. A red light laminates the space of many pathways. There were three ways to go, it was like a damn underground tunnel but dry and well put together. I take the furthest tunnel from the stairs and start to book it having no clue what the hell I was looking for or where I was going. I pass a few doors and eventually I just randomly pick out of the big wooden ones.

Inside the room were huge shelves filled with books and statues of creepy ass children that look like they’re crying. There were huge brass artifacts set up all over the floor, scrolls, bowen arrows and all kind of things. I pick one of the brass scrolls up as I hear the group coming down to the basement. I was on full alert and even in a full on storm my body was full of fear stricken sweat. I pull myself in between the bookshelves quiet as a mouse, I hold the scroll tightly up to my chest praying they’d pass me by so I could make my next move.

My prayers come unanswered once again! The wooden door creeks open letting a squint of light in and a shadow takes two steps into the room. All of my senses were heightened but sound was the one I was putting to use at this moment. There was only one body in the room, by the weight of the steps it was a male, and he was getting closer. I squeeze my hands around the brass artifact as tightly as I could squeeze and brace my feet to the floor. “Here kitty kitty kitty… Come out it’s time to play” the man calls out to me.

I felt like I was breathing so loud that he was going to hear me, and my eyes had begun to tear up. Now he was only a few feet away from me and I wasn’t about to get trapped in the room or drug back to that barn. I could see his shadow as I step out from behind the bookshelf clearly startling the cult member. He jumps back in a fright and my fear doesn’t let me hesitate, I go straight at his head with the brass scroll. I get two good clinks to his skull before he holds his hands up in defense, but I break through that with the brass and don’t stop.

This dude was a fighter, bloody and all he lungs at me and picks me up off of the ground by my waist. He throws me back into one of the bookshelves sending a piercing pain through my left rib. My body flops to the foor with the creepy glass children falling around me. The member lunges at me and I grab for one of the broken statues as I cower back into the shelf. “You bitch I’m gonna’ break your neck” he growls as he reaches down for me. I kick at him but he comes back, that’s when I reach up in a stabbing motion giving a few jabs.

My eyes were closed so all I hear is a cough and a thud, then quietness. A few seconds pass before I open my eyes and hop to my feet to inspect the damage. The tall framed male was laid out infront of me with the glass stuck in his neck. I was covered in blood from the chest down and his eyes were rolling in the back of his head. I grab another scroll and head towards the door, I had no time to waist. The other cult members were still down here searching for me so I head deeper into the tunnel. I was practically in a mental war right now it was a life an death fight. To be continued… -Donnie Sharrell

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