Shared heartbeat! 💜💙

It’s the heartbeat for me, pounding a song that’s secluded for the ears that are only yours. There it goes again knocking on my hearts door humming and prying it’s way through my shield. It’s only you when my body is in heat and my soul speaks, Im at your will!

When everything is against you it’s me who will be beside you! You’ll know they are not needed as long as we can be locked in and intertwined, each others trinkets to keep forever. It’s the racing of the mind for me when the thought of you is near. Those thoughts that only belong to the heart star that’s connected to me in more than spirituality.

The heartbeats we own are now each others, that weight is to be shared. The weight of us is not to be heavy but to be a breeze of eternal blissfulness. Everything we are is to be fulfilled in love with the trust that well end as one

It’s the honoring of the cosmic connection we share. Being great is us, because we are greatness but the love we share is greater than even that. At the end of it all its the heartbeat for me, your heartbeat that I can hear and feel no matter the distance or the space. I’m at your will!

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