Under the sun HE sits!

Under the sunlight sits a magical being! One that used their cosmic powers to stir a feeling that had been long lost. One that recreated sunshine and inner brightness to shine upon it’s weary searching self!

Under the sunlight sits a king! Not one that took his thrown, but one that built it. There sits a king that is deserving to see the hidden parts that I’ve locked away. A king that is willing to fix what we all believe cannot be broken!

There sits a love master that was sent to tame the rages of a mangled heart. A master that is full of brute and passion, with power and submission. Under the sunlight sits him, he who has stolen what I so strongly fought not to give!

There, under the sunlight we sit side by side. As a team we can bask in a bathing light that was created by the struggles that make us! -Donnie Sharrell

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