Captor my captor! pt2 #trigger #Short-story

Thanks for tuning in Luvz…

Present: Colin watches me eat the food with intense excitement.”See I told you you’d enjoy the food Nayja, now once you relax our friendship can begin.” I wanted to cry so bad but the tears were stuck behind fear and confusion. “I don’t want to be your friend, i just want to go home” I huff half defeated. He leans forward and grabs me by a handful of my disheveled hair. “Stop asking me that, you’re not going home until I find out what’s inside the secret box that is you.”

Now he was on his feet and throws me back onto the mattress holding me down with his weight. I close my eyes tight and let him grope me for the next hour. Colin doesn’t go under my clothes but by the time he left me alone I felt like he had touched me everywhere. I laid there on the bed inside myself for way longer then the body would like. Why was I here? Why did the guys do this to me? Did my roommate know what was going on? My brain was overheating!

15 hours earlier:“You frat boys were supposed to do a job! Didn’t you get paid for the job you were sent to do”? Colin paced the basement in an inner rage. Malic scrunches his face up.“It wasn’t you who paid us so what are you mad about sir? I told you we don’t feel comfortable grabbing the girl you want us to grab.” Colin stops in mid stride tapping his feet as he studies the boys.

“I’ll tell you what you ignorant little shits, this isn’t a game. You got paid for a job, I want the girl that I paid for or you three idiots will become the job, got it”? Felix looks down at his feet, he’d been watching this same girl on campus for a few weeks now, but a job was a job right? “The party tonight, we’ll get her to the car tonight. Just have your guy waiting an we need the put down pills.” Malic looks at his friend in disbelief but he doesn’t say a word.

Colin gives the boys the bottle of pills then follows them out, he had one more pickup before his companion was due to show. As the hard faced man makes his way down the shopping isles he stops where there’s a shelf full of stuffed animals. A fuzzy pink bear catches his eye, it looked just like the one his chosen companion kept on her dorm room bed. Colin stares at the bear for nearly 10 minutes before tossing it into his shopping cart and continuing around the store.

The quiet man packs the bags into his trunk, hops in his truck and heads toward the school district. The mothers pass him by with the widest of grins but Colin wasn’t there, he was never mentally there.“Dad can we go please go now”? The small voice brings him back to reality. “Lets go Luv. You’re going to stay with your grandmother for a while, would you like that”? The girl doesn’t respond she turns and looks out of the window creating an awkward silence between her and her father. Awkwardness was nothing new to their relationship though!

Present: I could hear him up above me, he moved around a lot, day and night moving. The sound of him moving was how I usually fell asleep. When my eyes opened back It had to be a new day, but all of a sudden there were more then one set of footsteps. My mind starts to go into overdrive as I hop to my feet and began to scream for help at the top of my lungs. My voice was cracking from all the crying and screaming I’d been doing. After what seemed like hours of yelling and slapping on the brick walls I crashed to my knees. Colin had told the truth, nobody could hear me.

I lay on the cold concrete floor until my tears dry up. I thought about what the news was saying, how my parents were feeling, how i was going to get out of this hell of a situation! That’s when it hit me, he didn’t want to hurt me. I needed to finesse this situation with my womanly ora, I had to put all those acting drama classes I took back in high school to use. I sit up and wipe my tears away, it had been a while since I had eaten which meant Colin would be coming downstairs soon.

Like a psycho with a plan I sat in one spot, waiting in silence. I started to learn his footsteps above me, it was the softer steps that made me wonder. If he had a family then he also had compassion, I needed to find what made him tick in the weakest manor. I wait and I sit, sitting and waiting until at last I hear that frightening sound. The keys in the door jingle then slowly the lock pops and that shadow perches up at the top of the stairs, both of us listening for the other. (To be continued…..) -Donnie Sharrell

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